Roger Sanchez @ Garage Bar, Adelaide (24/04/2012)

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The warmth of sun may have gone, but this didn’t stop nearly 500 people packing out Garage Bar inside and out for the man with the music, Roger Sanchez. Entering just as a sultry remix of Touch Me was dropped, it was the omen I was looking for – this was going to be a great night of amazing house, both old and new. Juddo kept the crowd satisfied with lush vocal tracks, I know I wasn’t the only music appreciator who loved listening and singing along to the yet-to-be-released Sonny Fodera track Lonely.

The vocals dropped back when Ezee G took over with funkier vibes, bass guitar licks and Mavericks’ live percussion. If that subtle sexual tension wasn’t being let loose between the dancing patrons before, it certainly was now. You couldn’t not rock out and get on down to this! Although the projector screen was streaming soft porn, kinky anime and 70’s movie scenes, it was inevitable thins in Garage Bar were going to heat up.

The transition into some jacking tech-house was the perfect intro into Roger Sanchez’ entry. Not overstated or over the top, he just slotted in and well, made the girls swoon. Well, the hat, glasses and hot sideburns would make any tanned man look good. Lucky he also played the tunes that made everyone dance.

The set made a steady progression in sound through the decades, yet was littered with hot mash-ups and remixes to keep it fresh and appealing. A disco remix of classic At Night, an 80s funk vibe to take away from the cheesiness of So Much Love to Give, got everyone singing. It was 1997 again when Blur’s Song 2 got the woohoo! out of everyone.

I thought we were a rock closer to the sun when the jacking house came out. Dropping the Eurhythmics, Chilli Peppers, Kylie – it didn’t matter. Everyone appreciated the new spin music that got everyone jumping out. The event itself managed to bring out many older faces, true music lovers and I couldn’t have planned a better way to reminisce, and re-establish my love house on Anzac Day Eve – lest we forget.

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