Digitalism @ Villa Nightclub, Perth (18/05/2012)

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Filing into the always busy Villa Nightclub, I noticed one major thing: it was really packed tonight. Not only that, but every person in attendance had a noticeable buzz around them, almost as though they knew something special was about to happen. Turns out, they were right.

When Perth last saw Digitalism, they were here for Parklife in late 2011, so Friday night marked a long awaited return for the pair. This time, Swede Adrian Lux came to join the party.

A giant heart shaped screen (unsurprisingly looking very close to their album cover from I Love You Dude) was a massive sight to see in the middle of the stage, giving the punters a clue as to what was coming next. Sure enough, Digitalism then stepped on stage just after midnight, with a massive applause to greet them. With only two albums in their bag, the duo seamlessly blended classic tracks off the older album Idealism with newer material from I Love You Dude.

Electro was all over the place, with the energy never stopping long enough for even a quick drink break. The stage presence was amazing, with the screen showing off visuals that could have come from Daft Punk. Tracks like Zdarlight, Circles, Pogo, Blitz, and 2 Hearts were crowd favourites by far, with the latter having Jens Moelle stepping up and singing the tracks (well, I might add). The vibe all around was just amazing, with unspeakable energy pulsating through the building on an unimaginable scale.

Next up was the fellow Euro producer Adrian Lux. On any other night, the Swede could have been the headliner at the venue, but unfortunately for him, he had to follow one of the better live acts in the dance scene. It’s lucky, then, that he was actually pretty good.

Starting with the house beats he’s known for, Lux picked it up around the middle of his set, dropping crowd favourites like Avicii’s Levels and his own recent track Alive. As the tension built up, everyone knew what track was coming… Teenage Crime was dropped, and like fine wine, it still goes well after all this time. Lux had a good, but not quite great set – but following the other artists in the building, it was still a very good effort.

Overall, the night was outstanding: Great beats, great visuals, and great atmosphere around from everyone. Bravo!

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