Creamfields @ Parklands Showgrounds, Gold Coast (06/05/2012)

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Known for its English extravagance and international expansion, the iconic Creamfields festival returned to Australia for the third time in April. Run by Totem/One Love, the chaps behind the increasingly popular Stereosonic, Creamfields has always helped introduce 'the next big thing' in EDM to our beautiful country (see: Bingo Players 2010, Skrillex and Martin Solveig 2011). So: with a lineup that solely catered to only a few genres, at a brand new venue, could this year's festival be the best one yet?

Still high off last year's energy and vitality, I made my way towards Gold Coast's Parklands with great expectations. Thankfully dodging Brisbane's trusted RNA Showgrounds for the day, the decision to move venues not only bought greater foot traffic, but also reduced the tired and frustrated crowds waiting for trains afterwards. That being said, arriving to the beats of Bombs Away only revealed an empty Parklands and half-full main stage. Needless to say, this neither worried the Bombs Away boys nor their companion DJ Kronic.

Nightclub regulars and recent chart toppers, the Perth/Adelaide/Gold Coast party animals sampled an array of genres during their early set. Mixing between house, dubstep and electro, the trio rapped over most tracks whilst gladly sipping their alcoholic beverages. At the height of all this craziness, the hilarious onstage banter flowed into the crowd, as the Gold Coast cheerfully engaged in a glorious 'fuck you' fest. However, the obvious highlight would have to be given to iconic hit Big Booty Bitches and the unfathomable amount of female skin that was evident throughout. Beautiful.

Following straight after, Vitalic took the stage and drastically changed the tone. A huge step up from the previous act, the French electro-clash producer didn't need the outrageous onstage entertainment to wow his crowd, as his intense drops and smoky undertones produced dropped jaws all on their own. Sadly, this was not received with open arms as most left to explore the grounds or to join the endless drink cues.

Having already caught Congorock on several occasions before, it would be mad not to mention just how incredible this Italian DJ is. Furiously jumping through a back catalogue, including monster fist pumper Babylon, Congorock delighted the crowd with an array of remixes and originals by M83, Calvin Harris and even Lil Jon. But even with Congorock being an idol and personal favourite, this set however did not live up to recent experiences in smaller, more intimate venues.

Tragically missing Doctor Werewolf, only catching the last 10 minutes of an impressive gang of heavy dubstep, drum and bass and twisted sounds, the decision to stroll back to the main stage to catch the 'fourth' Swedish House Mafia member Alesso instantly proved worthy. Pumping mixed favourites like Calvin Harris, Porter Robinson, Coldplay and even Australia's own Gotye, Whilst flames engulfed the stage, and smoke and pyro added to the wild atmosphere, Alesso provided a great soundtrack to a beautiful sunset behind the Creamfields main stage. Thankfully no one injured themselves this set.

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