Blawan & Pariah @ GoodGod, Sydney (12/05/2012)

Image for Blawan & Pariah @ GoodGod, Sydney (12/05/2012)

It hasn’t taken me very long to appreciate moving from Brisbane to Sydney. One of the obvious advantages is the ability to see gigs that, due to a number of circumstances, would never have made it to Brisbane. This is definitely the case for the Blawan and Pariah double header at Goodgod on Saturday. I think it is also a testament to the Astral People crew that they were able to get two of the most popular and hardest working producers in the bass music scene out to Australia.

The night kicks off with the Aussie contingent of Bad Ezzy and Preacha entertaining the crowd for the couple of hours or so before the main act begins. The boys did a good job with keep the tempo up and making sure everyone was dancing, but (as always) it seemed as though the bar was the main attraction at the beginning of the night.

As GoodGod finally filled, a cheer erupted as the main act takes centre stage. There was no hint from Astral as to who would play first or second, so the guessing started early. Firstly, Blawan took to the decks, however, after a couple of tracks he surrendered his headphones to Pariah. It only takes a minute to realize we’re in for something special, the sort of gig only reserved for festivals and Boiler Room sets. Unfortunately it is just as the Blawan and Pariah B2B extravaganza starts heating up when the first technical difficulty of the night occurs. Cut outs to the music start off infrequently and grow more frequent and more frustrating through the night.

Though you could say the running of the night was a sub-par performance, the DJing however was completely the opposite. It’s often an interesting prospect to see how overseas DJs relate and translate their music to other audiences. I am glad to say that neither Blawan nor Pariah lightened their set, playing the sort of tunes they would with full force – anyone who witnessed Blawan’s Boiler Room online the day before can recognise this.

The music was loud and heavy, with both DJs doing their best in a bad situation. Blawan stuck mostly to 4/4 hard hitting techno, which was to be expected, whereas Pariah provided some of the more melodic highlights of the night. It was definitely an incredible treat to hear some of the best bass DJs around playing not only their own tunes but tunes from some of the most interesting producers around including Joy O, Addison Groove, Marcel Dettman, Theo Parrish and many more tracks ranging from Detroit techno to Acid to Dancehall and beyond. Personally, the stand out track for the night was Blawan’s new cut Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage.

With the increasing popularity of bass music in Australia, it’s exciting to see some of the most promising up-and-coming artists from the scene make their way across. Blawan and Pariah paved the way with an incredible set: let’s hope this sets the standard for artists in the near future.