Armada Nights @ The Family, Brisbane (08/06/2012)

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The greatest Dutch electronica fleet in the world raided The Family on Friday night and whilst most armed forces are rarely welcomed, this Armada crew featuring tyDi, Tenishia, Dynasty and Myon & Shane54 at the helm was greeted with open arms. Just the name of tyDi – a local star now firmly lodged in the international ranks – was enough to bring the kids out in force on a Friday night; while a sniff at Armin van Buuren’s label suited the trance devotees to once more join ranks and revisit days seemingly long gone.

The effervescent trance days of Fridays @ Family with tyDi, Syke and Baby Gee are warm memories. It seemed, therefore, a nod to the trance days of old and another to the trance of the future when Armada Nights invaded Brisbane. It was evident amongst the trance veterans looking from the balcony to the basement below that the kids down there were going to become educated cannon fodder – even if they didn’t want to be or were even going to be aware of it.

The night started strongly with Family local, Dynasty. He performed a very humbling set, very much aware of his place as warm-up to the esteemed international artists ahead. It really was a nice opener to the upcoming treats, and people were bouncing along early to his beats. Whilst a great start, my personal tastes prefer Dynasty as the closing DJ when he can really unleash the banging beats he has become so infamous for.

And then Tenishia took to the decks. While it was evident there were many tyDi fans in the audience, Tenishia remained the dark horse to the tyDi contingent. And damn, The Family basement received a battering. His song selection was beautiful; selecting some favourites such as Tiesto’s remix of Delerium’s Silence; but mixed again by obscure artists that even the biggest chin strokers were unable to identify. It was a wonderful set that drove to climactic heights and never quite allowed the dust to settle.

What remained especially consistent was the unrelenting basslines, which never failed to assault the farthest corners. In a time when analogue has been conquered by digital, those profound basslines were a warm reminder of the authenticity we once appreciated; a firm nod to Tenishia’s resolved masculinity and his uncompromising attitude for his music. While many people in the room may not have heard of Tenishia before this evening, they were left devastated by such an unexpected and impressive onslaught.

Amongst such an overcome crowd, tyDi took to the helm and steered this Armada towards a course of his own design. This was not the usual tyDi; a darker far more unwavering side of the producer was enroute. It was an unexpected delight to receive the tyDi from days past. Indeed, the sound system shook with such profound melodies that soared to the rafters, and beats that throbbed in waves across the room. Tracks usually played ad nausea on NOVA became special and exceptional under his touch and guidance; his own productions throbbed with intensity while our heartbeats pulsed vibrantly to trance classics. It was a pleasure to see the entire main room thrill to such relentless might and energy that simultaneously undulated and roared.

This was undoubtedly a showcase for the label of trance God Armin van Buuren. With quality global names signed up to such an illustrious stable for progressive trance and house, it was a treat when Armada invaded our local haven. While Queensland may have missed out on ASOT500, a state of trance had definitely conquered Brisbane on this night. Indeed, trance fans alike would agree that if Armin was God, tyDi was Jesus and Tenishia, John the Baptist: their messages, promising and triumphant, delivering oaths of victory with a salute to the days of old. Fridays at Family might be a distant memory, but tonight proved these feelings can be easily resurrected when the right artists come to town.

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