Breakfast Club pres. Nic Fanciulli @ New Guernica, Melbourne (13/07/2012)

Image for Breakfast Club pres. Nic Fanciulli @ New Guernica, Melbourne (13/07/2012)

In the depths of winter, there’s nothing better than cosying up on the couch after a long week with a hot cuppa and cheesy movie. Outside it’s cold and wet; it’s one of the few times in a year when the old Melbourne adage “Sydney is a great place to visit; I’d just never live there” sounds patently untrue.

And so, this past Friday night served up more of the same. With one minor exception: Nic Fanciulli brought a little ray of northern hemisphere warmth to brighten up our fair city. And with Anthony Pappa as a late inclusion, it was impossible not to feel the referred warmth of New Guernica’s dancefloor from Dandenong to Daylesford.

Friday night’s party was the brainchild of the girls and boys from the Breakfast Club (where do they come up with these names?), coming hot on the heels of their sold out show featuring Guy J. Having now hosted Fanciulli, and with Jody Wisternoff on the bill in late-August, this crew is fast making a well-deserved name for themselves as Melbourne’s premium purveyors of the best high class dance music on offer.

Warming up the dance floor for Fanciulli was Lister Cooray. With their mix of smooth (even organic) tech house, they had the crowd well up for it. By the time Fanciulli made his entrée around 12:30, Cooray had the dancefloor packed.

Fanciulli actually started out by taking it down a notch, slowing it down to build a measured equilibrium amongst the faithful. It didn’t take him long to bring it back up again, signalling his intent with Saso Recyd’s absolute cracker re-edit of Burial’s Archangel, a truly sublime remix of a sublime track. He followed that up with a medley of bangers, including the Trommeltanz remix of George Kranz’s 80s classic Din Da Da, DJ LeRoi’s I Get Deeper (DJ T remix) and Alex Tepper’s In, Out, Life.

As the night progressed, the energy on the dancefloor grew from intense to frenetic, so that by the time Fanciulli dropped Joris Voorn’s re-edit of his brother Mark’s The Tide, it was nothing short of a miracle that the roof wasn’t blown from its moorings. The cheeky little siren that traverses the song was like a tech-house mating call, and, believe me, the crowd was gagging for it.

Fanciulli is a master. Many DJs can get crowds jumping (after all, why else would you go?); Fanciulli, however, wraps the crowd around his little finger and takes you on a sonic journey unlike many others. There’s intelligence to his DJing that sets him apart. He’s undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser, but you get the feeling that it’s more about his shit-hot track selection and clever mixing than any desire to pander to the crowd.

Fanciulli treated the crowd to a solid three hours of pure magic, and when he finally left, it was to rapturous applause. Hot on his heels was special (and surprise) guest Anthony Pappa, a true denizen of the Melbourne techno scene. His solo set was followed by a duel with another Melbourne tech-house institution Rollin Connection. And finally, when it was all over, it was with throbbing ears and a heavy heart as we all set out to be reminded, once more, that true summer remains too far away.

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