Dirtyphonics @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (07/07/2012)

Image for Dirtyphonics @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (07/07/2012)

Things change and evolve, and thanks to the EDM explosion in the US everyone’s idea of dance music quickly expanding from its roots. Dirtyphonics, once a strictly drum & bass act, has rode the wave well – from being signed to Dim Mak, to collaborating with the Bloody Beetroots, Nero and Skrillex.

And their evolution has been well received. Last year, Dirtyphonics played a free event at World Bar which – despite the few dedicated fans – was at best a dead gig. This year, it’s quite the opposite. Taking over Chinese Laundry this time ‘round, Dirtyphonics had the venue rammed to the brim with people unleashing full energy.

And it’s hard not to when you see these French men up on stage: they give it their all. No matter how many shows these guys run through in one tour, every show gets a mad amount of energy that rubs off on the crowd time and time again. Looking through the inthemix photo gallery, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Though it was a club gig, the photos reveal more atmosphere than most festivals manage to conjure up.

The only downside was that due to the club being so rammed, myself and my friends wanted to go out onto the deck often for some fresh air. A few minutes in, and bouncers kicked us out. It called for an early end to the night, because for us, having our moments of chilling and being able to hear each other talk are vital to an all ‘round great night! It was a packed club and many people wanted to use the outdoor area, so it’s pretty understandable. In future I’d like to see the garden open when the events are this tight!