Swanky Tunes @ Marquee Nightclub, Sydney (26/10/2012)

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The Halloween spirit was in full swing at Marquee this week, with a themed night for all their events. Tonight’s theme was superheroes, giving everyone the opportunity to unleash their superhero alterego – the promise of free entry and a free drink was an added incentive to get involved. So with a club filled with superheroes, the choice of DJs was essential and Marquee nailed it, bringing Russia’s Swanky Tunes to lead the crowd for the night.

The first thing you notice walking into the club (besides the abundance of low-cut female costumes) is Marquee’s attention to detail: Halloween props adorn the club and the staff are all draped in superhero costumes, adding to the atmosphere.

The opening duties for the night went to Marquee’s resident DJ Tenzin who played a down tempo set that peaked a few times with tracks like American Boy vs Around The World, Rhianna’s We Found Love and Nervo’s You’re Gonna Love Again. As his set progressed the club filled steadily and as the clock etched to half-past midnight we got our first glimpse of the two-thirds of Swanky Tunes that made the trip.

With Tenzin wrapping up his set the Russian’s set up their equipment and asked the crowd, “Are You Ready?!”, which was met with a mighty roar. Swanky Tunes were relentless with their track selection and mixing from start to finish. They opened the set with their bootleg We Are Young Celsius before jumping straight into theirs and Hard Rock Sofa’s remix of Let’s Go which was followed by Sending My Love the track that established Swanky Tunes in the scene, which was mixed with Deniz Koyu’s Follow You and their remix of Maximal Crazy.

Besides the DJs seamless mixing and infectious energy from behind the decks, the acoustics and production of Marquee added to the experience. The set-up had you constantly guessing what was coming next: whether the room would be filled with smoke, or the roof light up like a rainbow, or lasers scan the crowd or which of the dozen go-go dancers would be next on the podium.

Their two-hour set had no lulls; the standout tracks from the night for me included Swanky Tunes’ Blood Rush and Make Some Noise which was mixed into Otto Knows remix of Lies perfectly. Next the highs of Make Some Noise was combined with the violins from Lies, sending shivers down my spine. The rolling basslines of Tommy Trash also stole the show, with his remix of Aston Shuffle’s Sunrise and a mash-up of Reload and Save The World getting huge reactions from the crowd.

Tenzin jumped back on the decks once Swanky Tunes wrapped up their set with Alesso and Dirty South’s City Of Dreams. The crowd was lucky to experience such a tight set made to look so effortless by an act that before Marquee, punters would only have been able to see in a festival environment.


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