Gareth Emery @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney (05/11/2012)

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The last time Gareth Emery played a club gig in Sydney, a new legion of Emery fans were created. So when the announcement was made that after almost a two-year hiatus the crew over at Genesis would be bringing the creator of ‘anti-genre’ dance floor gold to The Metro Theatre, the masses responded with the event selling out weeks in advance and the hype across social media platforms reaching unprecedented levels.

Tonight was also a milestone for Genesis, who hosting their fifth consecutive sold-out event and as a thank you to their loyal fans they put together a visual set-up that exceeded the efforts many promoters put into their Hordern gigs. The stage literally enveloped the crowd making sure that no matter where you were in the theatre you were treated to visual spectacles that the production crew was offering. The production was not limited to the main room, with the side room getting just as much attention.

Krish Titan was playing in the main room when I arrived and he wasn’t holding back, dropping a banging set of prog house. The track list included Pair Of Dice by Tiesto a mash-up of Zero76 and Otherside and a mash-up of Epic and Shewolf, which saw the crowd going mental. And all of this before eleven.

Thomas Knight vs Nick Arbor followed and they stepped it up a gear, dropping tracks from the heavier side of the trance 2.0 spectrum, which were accompanied by the angelic vocals of Alana Aldea. Emery’s set was quickly approaching and there was a speaker malfunction – I must admit my heart was in my mouth when this happened, but fortunately the issue was resolved. The DJs led into Gareth’s set playing some progressive gold with a personal favourite of mine Need To Feel Love by Reflekt getting a play.

When Gareth came on stage he received a mighty intro from the MC and was met by a room packed to capacity which included Hektik Hektor who was getting up to his old antics by hanging off the railings that overlooked the theatre and by a handful of fans that created custom signs for the DJ; something I had yet to see at a club gig. Gareth launched from the blocks with a series of ID tracks, which were accompanied by tried and tested dance-floor destroyers like Saga and Mansion. From this point on Gareth maintained the same level of energy, quite a feat for a three-hour set.

Choosing stand out tracks from his set is something that many would have trouble answering because everything he played was a standout, whether it was classics like Gareth Wyn’s Sandstorm, Meet Her At The Loveparade, On a Metropolis Day or the plethora of new tacks he dropped that included Don’t You Worry Child, Emery’s edit of Loops and Things or Morgan Page’s mash-up The Longest Atom, each song sounded just as good as the song that preceded it. The only downside to the night was the audio, which was only crisp if you were situated towards the middle of the room.

Tonight the crowd were treated to a DJ who couldn’t be faulted for his technical abilities and definitely not for his track selection. We also witnessed Genesis making a bold statement that they are not only contenders for best trance night in the country but with the level of production they offered tonight, serious contenders for hosting the countries best club event in general and we, the crowd, are the ones reaping the rewards.

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