Gareth Emery @ The Overflow, Perth (04/11/2012)

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Ever since its birth in early 2010 Amon Vision has supplied Perth fans with the ultimate in trance entertainment, bringing the likes of Ferry Corsten, Myon and Shane 54 and now the one and only Gareth Emery to town.

For those trance heads out there Gareth needs no introduction, his past and continuing work in the production room and also on the decks speaks for itself. With the advent of the Garuda label Emery has managed to uniquely shape and enhance what we all define as trance music, his ‘simple but effective’ approach to production has contributed to the clean, sharp and euphoric sound that progressive listeners know and love.

On first hearing of the events timing and location I was happily surprised over the choice of the Overflow, the venue has such a great summery atmosphere and is probably on my top five lists for outdoor concerts and when combined with a 4pm start time…let’s just say there was only one thing that could have made the combination better: sun!

Everyone on that day was holding their fingers crossed, hoping that it wouldn’t rain, unfortunately though Mother Nature denied them. This constant battle between the rain and the poncho might have affected the numbers on the day but either way I was still impressed with the turnout, the fact that the event got off the ground bodes well for trance lovers in Perth.

Being slightly delayed by the weather the event kicked off at 4:30 with Flare playing his selection of tunes, being a regular when it comes to Amon Vision gigs Flare has definitely got his style down to a tee. With a bit more work with Marcel (German), and just general experience under the belt I can definitely see him excelling up the ranks in the future.

Next up it was time for the dynamic duo that is Illuminor to hit the decks. Being the rising stars of the Perth, and indeed even Australian trance scene, I enjoy every chance I get to see them ripping up the dancefloor with their melodic tunes. Playing the likes of Above & Beyond’s Breaking Tides and sneaking in their own tunes such as That Way, Illuminor’s set was simply perfect. Marcel otherwise known as DJ GermanBTW was the next on the decks and being the main man behind all Amon Vision productions he needed no introduction at all, his set was the perfect build up for Gareth while having it’s own moments of epicness as well.

When Gareth hit stage, all the rain and cold weather, in fact any worry at all was completely washed away. There is a reason why Gareth tops the charts, simply because he’s so damn awesome. His set was full of everything you could possibly want to hear and flowed with such dynamic that when it hit the end of the night, instead of the usual feeling of disappointment the crowd was left with a sense of everything being in its right place.

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