Adult Disco pres. Bicep @ Civic Underground, Sydney (15/02/2013)

Image for Adult Disco pres. Bicep @ Civic Underground, Sydney (15/02/2013)

Sydney house music regulars Future Classic continue the trend of early morning sleaze house, bringing Irish producer duo Bicep to their late night party Adult Disco. Making their way down to the Asia-Pacific at last, the duo prepared an onslaught of shameless slinky house and garage, like the soundtrack of a London East End strip club.

The pair of producers really pierced their way into British DJs’ record bags with the self-released Vision of Love 12-inch. A string of releases trail behind on Love Fever, Aus, and Throne of Blood. They continue to litter the internet with peeks at their own record digging on the Feel My Bicep blog, exploring the fringes of house music in typical blogger fashion, accompanied by camp, bulging work-out imagery, and on their monthly slot on London ex-pirate radio station RinseFM.

Lanterns hung loosely from the roof (and crushed/mangled on the floor). A dull red light flushed the stage and lowered dancefloor. The Future Classic selectors warmed up an already sardined Civic Underground, at around midnight. Having released one of the first FC singles in 2004, veteran Touch Sensitive debuted his live set with bass guitar and violent synths, soaking in Italo rhythms.

Bicep broke straight into it, house music from the abyss. Each track the pair dropped made sure there was enough sub on every single kick drum. Piano house, house with just drums, and sometimes just the sub. Sometimes they dipped into a garage shuffle, like Cloud 9’s old school Do You Want Me Baby with its unmissable ‘babeeeeh’ wail. For others it was straight-ahead four-to-the-floor.

A couple of cheesy ‘00 classics made it in too, like a stripped-back mix of Corona’s Rhythm of the Night. The sleazy standards rolled on throughout the night. The guys teased around with a rapid-fire history of house music from Chicago and London and abroad. Moments of darker techno slipped in, with soon-to-be classics like Boddika and Joy Orbison’s chugging &Fate making a rare appearance.

Like their own tunes, Bicep’s set was neatly timed. Ten minute jams on one keyboard riff, indulging in the sparse percussion or tight synth floating above everything else. And when it came, everyone knew the sultry, female hook: VISION … VISION OF LOVE.

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