L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok @ Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (22/02/2013)

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L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok are two names that bounce around record bags a lot, with grime standards like Bok Bok’s Silo Pass and L-Vis’ recent, chugging techno cuts on the Club Constructions Vol. 1 release. The pair are responsible for creating the London night and label Night Slugs, a dig into raw, unforgiving club music from the abyss. For the first time, February saw the Night Slugs giants grace the soundsystem of Sydney’s own Goodgod Small Club to a squashed and heated dancefloor.

The heads-down duo of Cliques cut and pasted techno jacks, elastic snares and sub-bass together live and in style. Their sound was unforgiving, and tunes like the soon-to-be-released (on London DJ Oneman’s label) Aut made a pleasing, bassy presence on the Goodgod subs.

Astral People regular selectors Preacha and Moriarty went back-to-back for a set of slinky, sleazy garage. The mood loosened up, paving the way for something we expected to be a brutal set from 1.00am onwards.

L-Vis 1990 sauntered onstage, his slick hair rising a head above Bok Bok. L-Vis focused his glassy eyes straight to the CDJs as they began. The two jumped between decks, each taking their turn at defining the vibe. L-Vis went techno, heavy kicks, messy vocal cuts and white noise hi-hats. He forced the crowd’s feet with tunes like his own Video Drone and Tronco Traxx’s Walk 4 Me.

As we jacked away on the right of the stage, the speakers kept cutting. Goodgod always feels like a club except when the sound bounces in and out. Counting shows like Blawan and Pariah in the past, it’s not the first time DJs have almost blown the system. Perhaps it’s time to get another setup?

Soon, L-Vis brought out the gun finger with Nights Slugs signee KW Griff’s Bring in the Katz, Helix’s sparse, slicing No Hooks No BS and his own edit of Armand Van Helden’s klaxon-blaring Witch Doktor.

And even R&B man Jeremih’s crooning F-ck U All The Time snuck in. The heat ended up knocking a booth over the side of the stage, leaving some dancers shaken as they leaped away – but you couldn’t hear the crash through the kick drums.

Bok Bok slipped in every now and then, taking things deeper and subbier with remixes of Girl Unit’s IRL and even eskibeat essential, Wiley’s Eskimo. And the night kept getting grimier, with L-Vis sweating and skanking behind whilst Bok Bok lined up track after track. And then girls were up on stage, the floor was hot and skanking, hands and gun-fingers flung wildly. Night Slugs should do this again in Australia.


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