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They are quirky, they are exciting and somewhat erratic. They are just as well known for their crazy onstage performances as much as the music that they produce. They are from Melbourne and consist of brothers Kynan (Old Des) and Kiron Robinson (Mr Ection) plus Kynan’s wife, Michelle Sorbello (Luva DJ). Collectively, they are known as Old Des Peres.

Apart from touring around the country and playing at Melbourne’s VerSus parties the past year has seen the group busy in the studio producing their first full length album entitled, Preserved. Much to their success Preserved has since been signed to Australia’s largest independent record distributor, Shock Records. With such an accomplishment Old Des Peres clearly demonstrates that with the right amount of determination and diligence achievement is never too far away.

“It came about by a lot of hard work and finally meeting the right people. They are a pretty good bunch and work pretty hard. It’s exciting for us, it has allowed us to start our own sub label (Flict Music) and it helps us get a larger profile. Our first single was picked up straight away by JJJ which makes things easier and we’ve entered into negotiations with a French label and a Japanese label about releasing and touring in Europe and Asia,” explains Kynan Robinson.

You may have heard the single Pit Bull Terrier on national radio network Triple J or you may have experienced one of Old Des Peres’ infamous five star live performances. Kynan Robinson continues to talk about the album, which will be released later this month, “We’re really proud of the album. It goes all over the place, but its fairly full on and unrelenting.” Mr Ection adds, “Listeners can expect history. The world is shifting its axis alignment and forging a new path to a better brighter future. All of this can be found on the album Preserved.”

Before Old Des Peres Kynan Robinson was studying classical music at university, oblivious to the music he would soon don, he released numerous jazz CDs, wrote music for contemporary dance, classical music and pop music. In addition, he remixed many artists works including Machine Translations, scored the music for five feature films and toured Europe extensively. He continues to explain Mr Ection and Luva DJs musical contributions to the group, “Mr Ection and Luva DJ are completely musically illiterate and struggle to tap a tambourine in time.”

Whilst touring Europe Robinson met his future wife (Luva DJ) who introduced him to the dark and implacable sounds of the London Squat Party scene, sounds namely known as techno. It could be said that Robinson had an epiphany, one that would lead to the inauguration of Old Des Peres.

Mr Ection wittingly and characteristically unfolds the Old Des Peres legend, “Old Des Peres was brought together on the road to our Damascus (Geelong). We were picked up by a cowboy who commanded us to take the joy of us to the people they had a right to be near. That happened two years ago.”

Idiosyncrasies aside, it is undoubtable that the collective have become synonymous with techno music and above all renowned for their onstage performances that are refreshingly humorous and particularly amusing in an uncanny yet enlivening kind of way. So, where did the idea for a live onstage act originate?

“One night I stuck, Luva DJ out the front and moved myself to the back. She has a special level of hyperactivity, and the crowd soon realised it was a very live show and responded appropriately. Ever since we’ve tried to push the live angel as mush as we can and give the audience as big a show as possible. At one stage we had about 15 people on stage, with only one of us playing any music. That got a bit out of hand and expensive to tour so we trimmed it back to three,” explains Robinson.

Their shows have previously featured roller-skating girls, custom-made visuals by Devoloid Media and an inflatable doll named Clara. Is Old Des Peres altering the future of dance music performances? “It’s the way of our future. To be honest it was all getting a little boring and serious at the start. At least this way it’s a lot more fun on stage because you never know what the hells going to happen. It’s a lot more enjoyable for the audience to. Great tunes and much more energy than a man in a tight t-shirt standing behind record players smoking a cigarette.”

When witnessing an Old Des Peres performance expect the expected, expect madness and pandemonium but most of all expect an enormous amount of fun and frivolity. Robinson continues to describe just some of the group’s craziest performances to date.

“We once entered through the crowd while the rocky soundtrack played. Mr Ection was all decked out in sporting gear and preceded to haul up onto stage a treadmill, which various audience members took turns running laps on. We once entered to Zorba the Greek much to the promoters fear, “You’ll kill the dance floor”, and it actually filled the dance floor much to the promoter’s embarrassment. That was the fastest I’ve ever seen the dance floor fill”.

Having played at numerous local and international events including the Live en Auit Festival in New Caledonia last year, Mr Ection continues to note that his favourite performance was at the infamous Glastonbury Festival, “Our favourite performance was at the Glastonbury Festival. When the sounds that Underworld were producing took off and we just shut down and listened.”

Last but not least, how do Old Des Peres describe the sounds that they are so well known for? “Driving funky bass lines, that fill dance floors this world over.”

Old Des Peres’ album ‘Preserved’ is out now through Flict/Shock. You can catch them playing the following venues along the east coast in July:

Thu July 22, Club 77 - Sydney
Fri July 23, Green Room – Canberra
Thu July 29, The Zoo – Brisbane


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