DJ Mag Top 100: Shamed, DJ Mag name the cheats!

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Shock! Horror! The annual DJ Mag Top 100 Poll has been rorted by DJs exploiting technology in order to artificially inflate their rankings. Just ask John ‘00’ Fleming or Sander Kleinenberg, they’ve been banging on about it for years. But finally, it’s been DJ Mag themselves who have confronted the problem, bringing the voting process back inhouse and attempting to clean things up.

“This year we’ve been appalled and disgusted to discover suspicious voting irregularities in our Top 100 DJs poll,” it says on the magazine’s website.

“For the first time ever, now that DJmag is wholly independent again, the votes in this year’s poll have been collated in-house, and while in previous years we’ve relied on technology to weed out suspect votes, this year it’s been proved that there’s nothing more effective than the naked eye.”

345,000 votes were cast by email, and publisher James Robertson claims he put his head down and spent a huge amount of time personally looking over the votes. And the results? Several DJs were disqualified from the poll. Among the offenders were DJ Erick Junior from Hong Kong (dubbed the “fastest cheat in the East”), DJ Tiesmi from China, who admitted paying cash for votes, and also the Flash Brothers from Israel, who blamed “friends and family” for the more than 1,300 suspect votes from the same IP address.

As Roberston himself explains, “This year, I made a decision to investigate votes where the same IP address appeared over 50 times for the same person. The chances of the same person getting voted for by 50 different computers each having been allocated the same IP address within a week would be billions to one.”

Controversially, big-name American DJs Christopher Lawrence and DJ Dan were also at the centre of the investigation, both having shared the same marketing manager! “In both their cases, a script was used to bypass our security system. Not only did we get multiple votes from the same IP address, but we got multiple votes from multiple IP addresses — in other words, we received in excess of 50 votes from the same IP address on over 20 occasions.”

If you ever wondered how DJ Dan managed to take the #5 spot as the world’s most popular house DJ, then you wouldn’t be the first. But both him and Lawrence have strongly denied any involvement in vote rigging.

Dan told DJ Mag that he takes the matter very seriously. “My assistant and I confronted my former marketing manager via telephone. He strongly denied any wrongdoing, but had no credible explanation for the improper voting. Christopher Lawrence, who used the same marketing person this year, reported similar voting problems. When I discovered the common link was our marketing person, I immediately terminated him.”

So the question begs, if such cheating can happen in the DJ Mag Poll then why not Australia’s own inthemix50? According to Andre Lackman, Managing Director for inthemix, he’s sought to avoid this since the very beginning. “We recognise that polls like these are enticing targets for vote cheating, that’s why we’ve been doing similar security checks on the inthemix50 voting since year one. While we haven’t named and shamed, each year we have either reduced a DJs total votes or disqualified them altogether due to vote rigging,” he says.

“The inthemix 50 voting system much more difficult to scam than DJ Mag’s. We require each vote to be confirmed by email as well as using a CAPTCHA system to disable script based voting.”

So will the ‘naming and shaming’ impact this year’s results? Will DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence still rank in the top 5? Stay tunes to ITM.

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alax said on the 11th Oct, 2007

so thats how PvD keeps on doing it.


vinh_ said on the 11th Oct, 2007

i blame the scalpers


jimmy_bobby said on the 11th Oct, 2007

EMBER obviously rigged his votes by computer, just after he has created half his pre mixed set on the computer.

kinky disco

kinky disco said on the 11th Oct, 2007

bah ha ha so this proves that ajax is really just a bigger/better computer nerd than everyone else, because he's certainly not the best DJ in Australia that's for sure. "No Votes Please..." pffft. doesn't need them anyway!


shortino said on the 11th Oct, 2007

Lol yeah dont know how Ajax got 1st place his not the best in Australia if you ask me


Ms LKT said on the 11th Oct, 2007

who cares the monkeys will again vote DJ Tiesto as DJ of the farken century no doubt


DJ GeRmAn said on the 11th Oct, 2007

I agree with ya Alex, dont know why PvD is up there. Hopefully Armin takes #1


Andreww1 said on the 12th Oct, 2007

it would explain the stafford brothers being ranked so high

Mr S

Mr S said on the 12th Oct, 2007

all DJ polls are a load of wank and are totally pointless


TRJLUGARNO said on the 12th Oct, 2007

Ajax is the best DJ in Aus, my opinion and my vote


Spekman said on the 12th Oct, 2007

inthemix should name and shame the cheaters i say!! NAME AND SHAME!!!!


skattakid said on the 12th Oct, 2007



cdodds_ said on the 12th Oct, 2007

dj polls are nothing but a popularity contest.

tim reid

tim reid said on the 13th Oct, 2007

i heard the dutch trancers outsourced to the czech republic; where, surprisingly, an inordinate and unprecedented number of votes suddenly arrived. but then djmag security checkers wouldn't want to know about that. that's why they have a crap system tha


middyjones said on the 13th Oct, 2007

hahah stafford brothers for sure i agree! Luki, ajax, kenobi equal no1


Pendulum said on the 16th Oct, 2007

i don't care who the most 'popular' DJ is.. I care who the 'best' DJ is... in terms of technically and putting on a show. I say do away with these polls, and instead, hold a world DJ championships, where each world class DJ is put to the tests and made


Middo said on the 18th Oct, 2007

I always wondered about these voting polls and how they were calculated.. And how some of the winners/place takers got where they did.. If a computer does the counting, SOME NERD will work out a way to screw round with it and make it do wat they want it


alex_kingham said on the 18th Oct, 2007

you can tell by looking at the rankings just who cheated and who was voted in by fluro wearin electrokids.. like john course at no.5.. i'm sure that's just because all those kids hav is a sessions cd n they think it is awesome.. althought the mixin is sh!