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If you thought Daft Punk’s pyramid was the coolest stage set-up in dance music, Etienne de Crécy would like you to reconsider. The French star has been wowing the festival circuit for two years now with ‘The Cube’: a mind-boggling tower of light-boxes that pulse and shift in time with the beats. Developed in conjunction with ‘visual architects’ the EXYZT collective, the concept is a continual work in progress. De Crécy presides over the action from the centre cube, juggling his live set and the corresponding visuals.

The man last visited Australia as part of house dream-team Super Discount back in 2005. While the stage show was more modest (three heads bobbing around behind a bank of equipment), what came out the speakers was something special. De Crécy has applied his Super Discount work ethic to The Cube: using vintage synthesisers and samplers to create each set on the fly. And if there’s anyone with the musical history to back up such a spectacle, it’s Etienne de Crécy.

This month, he’ll debut his new toy on our shores with the Future Music Festival. Here ITM’s Jack Tregoning speaks to de Crécy about giving Daft Punk a run for their money ,as well as those dastardly copycat Killers...

Catch Etienne de Crécy and his famous Cube around the country with Future Music Festival…

Sat 28th Feb – Future Music Festival Sydney
Sun 1st Mar – Future Music Festival, Perth
Sat 7th Mar – Future Music Festival, Brisbane
Sun 8th Mar – Future Music Festival, Melbourne
Mon 9th Mar – Future Music Festival, Adelaide

And behold, The Cube…

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sang said on the 13th Feb, 2009

awesome! i had no idea he was bringing it!!


beatfreakn said on the 13th Feb, 2009

aww get fucked.. The one festival i choose not to go to and he brings the cube!!


Diaz882 said on the 14th Feb, 2009

meaning he'll have to play at night, wonder how that's gonna effect other peoples performances. I'll definitely check him out though


svenbooka said on the 14th Feb, 2009

going to surprise a hell of alot of people the cube i reckon looms fucking awsemme


buzzjunki said on the 15th Feb, 2009

cant wait lol i love this cube!


gameboy said on the 15th Feb, 2009

that looks sick - can't wait


klassik said on the 15th Feb, 2009

Even ritchie loves the cube


G005E said on the 15th Feb, 2009

beatfreakn how bout you buy a ticket and go might solve your problems.....................???????!!!!!!!


scottweeks said on the 15th Feb, 2009

i hope nerd are on at the same time. Less people, more cube!


ohmi said on the 15th Feb, 2009

Oooo I am really tempted to buy FMF tickets now... only if i could some money!


djswitch said on the 15th Feb, 2009

he needs the cube because the music is shite


Medea312 said on the 24th Feb, 2009

side show? this would look awesome in a club - completely dark and more importantly not at FMF!