Future Music Festival 2012 live preview

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While it’ll be a trio of superstar Swedes bringing it home at Future Music Festival 2012, once again the live contingent is first-rate. From Chase & Status in full band mode to the unhinged antics of Die Antwoord, the line-up’s leading DJs are going to have stiff competition next March.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve chatted to some of the festival’s leading live acts to find out what they’ll be bringing to the stage. Then we sought out some video evidence to go along with it. Here are eight shows we think will storm Future Music Festival 2012.

Chase & Status

“We’ve got a lot of love for Australia,” enthuses Saul Milton when inthemix tracks him down in a car travelling from a show in Liverpool back to London. “Especially every time we go to Perth, it’s one of the highlights for us, it’s got an incredibly good vibe. All the fans really love the UK music.”

It has certainly been a watershed year for the Chase & Status brand of UK music. The duo’s second album No More Idols went stratospheric on the charts, propelling its creators to festival mainstages across the Northern summer.

Their live show is now a very slick beast, with MC Rage out front, Milton and Will Kennard commanding their own podiums and drummer Andy Gangadeen in the centre. His kit isn’t your standard set-up either, with a ring of cymbals above his head and a tight cluster of electronic drum-pads alongside him.

“His drum kit looks like a spaceship and is a mixture of acoustic drums and synthetic drums,” Milton told K Mag earlier this year. “We give him a mixture of all our hits and he plays them as a drummer would.”

Chase & Status has been asking fans to upload their own videos from the ‘No More Idols’ tour, and you can see that the live show is a full-throttle juggernaut. “It’s important for us to create the sound of the album,” Milton continues in the K Mag interview. “I’ve heard some dance music done with an acoustic vibe and it’s always left me wanting more. We still want it to be punchy and powerful.” From the looks of things, we’d say that mission is accomplished.


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mlirosi said on the 28th Oct, 2011

azari & III!!!! whooooop...great piece but cant start reving us up now we will explodeeeeeeee by march


joey_2323 said on the 28th Oct, 2011

cant wait for them to perform this


crackers4 said on the 28th Oct, 2011

any ideas on if a second round of acts are going to be announced and if so when it might be?


gibbo987 said on the 28th Oct, 2011

looks neat! future doees seem to have thier act together!


Sweave said on the 31st Oct, 2011

shit was crazy when they dj'd last new years eve in perth. shit was even crazier when a week later the played at shape nightclub in perth that could only hold 200-300people with also spor and sub focus. glad to hear they like coming to perth the most out of everywhere in australia


kurtdaniel said on the 7th Jan, 2012

cant wait for them to perform this

Can't wait, all the festivals seem to have pretty sweet line ups this season. Loving it. Everyone in our [url=http://takelessons.com/]music school loves it.. :)