Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos

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When Duck Sauce released the clip for their single Big Bad Wolf and had it promptly slapped with an 18+ restriction on YouTube, they defended the piece by claiming it wasn’t as bad as certain other videos over the history of dance music. This suggestion prompted inthemix to reflect back on all the other video clips that have shocked, sickened and outraged audiences over time – and trust us, there’s a lot.

After hours of considered research into the matter, we hit our smut-threshold and whittled the findings down to a list of the 20 most infamous videos to ever hit a television or computer screen. From the raunchy, to the political and the just plain disturbing, we’ve collected all manner of uncut and uncensored musical expression. Turns out 2 Girls, 1 Cup might not be the most confronting video on the internet, after all.

M.I.A – Born Free

Genocide on red-heads – we’ve all thought about it at some point, but MIA put it in a film clip and posted it on the internet. The Sri Lankan-born artist’s very-political video for Born Free caused a massive stir for its depiction of young gingers being shot, blown-up and chased by police. YouTube banned the clip a day after it was posted, but the debate about state violence and the absurdity of genocide raged on long after. M.I.A put some perspective onto the uproar though, stating that a Justin Bieber clip poses “more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made”.

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Watching the protagonist in The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up clip start fights, harass women, ingest various drugs and bang a stripper, it’d be pretty easy to accuse the group of misogyny…until the protagonist turns out to be a lady herself. Still, the clip’s subversion of domestic violence stereotypes led to it being banned by TV stations the world over and once voted the most controversial song of all time – quite the dubious honour.

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Tribe said on the 9th Nov, 2011

Call on me video has a pretty interesting story behind it if you follow Eric Prydz :)


JackT said on the 9th Nov, 2011

Redtube indeed. Forgive us for not embedding it.


Walter_Juan said on the 10th Nov, 2011

That Don Diablo clip is outrageous!


theHordern said on the 10th Nov, 2011

chris cunningham surely must have touched children at some point..


consensualrapist said on the 10th Nov, 2011

aphex twin and chris cunningham- johnny rubber. shit will make duck sauce look like muppets.


kane2188 said on the 10th Nov, 2011

that mia clip is pretty sweet.. didnt expect that lil kid to get his head blown off


UDiO said on the 10th Nov, 2011

Have people seen the Jacuzzi Boys - Glazin' fan video/offical video.... It's should have made this list! See here:


JackT said on the 10th Nov, 2011

Suggestions are what it's all about!


k_boogie said on the 10th Nov, 2011

Massive Attack - Be Thankful for What You've Got.
Seems lame now but remember this was released in 1992. Richard Wilkins premiered this clip on MTV without vetting it and he was visibly disturbed when the camera cut back to the studio when the track ended.


mrwalsh93 said on the 10th Nov, 2011

why is eminem and tyler, the creator in this list?


katiecunningham said on the 10th Nov, 2011

We used a very loose definition of 'dance music'.


JackT said on the 10th Nov, 2011

Katie dances to Eminem.


LunarCat said on the 11th Nov, 2011

Oh well, I don't mind you squeezed Eminem in since it's really a memorable video.
And lol, even before I opened the article I knew Smack My Bitch Up is gonna be on the list.

Some videos from the list I've never seen, and now, after reading these descriptions - I'm sitting here, wondering: just how curious am I? ;D

Nathan Explosion

Nathan Explosion said on the 12th Nov, 2011

lol. what the fuck is with that Don Diablo video. pretty much a porno


DaFraud said on the 13th Nov, 2011

What do you think? Post your comment...


DaFraud said on the 13th Nov, 2011

X-rated version of Benny Bennassi's 'Satisfaction'. Not sure if it's official though!


LosCirc said on the 15th Nov, 2011

Left/Right, Digital Pizza - "Every Body"

Left/Right, Digital Pizza "Every Body" (Original Mix) OUT NOW Downbeat Productions (Breakbeat 2011)


andosound said on the 19th Nov, 2011

"Genocide on red-heads %u2013 we%u2019ve all thought about it at some point"

umm... wtf?