Armin van Buuren: Always trance

So you were in residence at Space Ibiza this season for ‘Be’. What stands out from the season?
The closing for sure, on the terrace. I recorded my new CD Universal Religion 5 there, live on August 17 and August 24. It was mixed live, in one take, with no editing at the end. If you listen to the mixes, it’s like a snapshot of my sets this summer.

And possibly a snapshot of the kind of sets to expect at Stereosonic?
My golden rule is always to look at the crowd and decide where to go with my set. I mean, I’m really enthusiastic about my new Gaia track that I hope to be playing. We’ll just have to see if people are up for that.

What I love about DJing is that I’ve never played a set with exactly the same tracks two nights in a row. I always look at the crowd and decide where to go. It depends on who’s on before me, who’s after me. It depends on how many people are there, whether it’s raining. If there’s a high-energy set before me, I might bring it down and try to build it up from there. Or I might just play all my big hits. It’s hard to explain, I just do.

We’ll trust your experience on this one.
[Laughs] That’s what you pay me for.

You always seem to be working – so what’s next on your agenda?
A State Of Trance 550. We just had a huge meeting about that yesterday. I’ve already started working on the A State Of Trance 2012 compilation and my new artist album. There will be lots of days in the studio. I’ll actually be slowing down on gigs, because I want to be with my baby girl who was born three months ago.

And congratulations on that too. Just in case you weren’t busy enough…
Well, I was thinking, what do I want in life? I’ve visited Australia 12 times in 10 years, and there are cities in Holland I haven’t been to 12 times! I mean, it’s a big honour, but you do want the yin and yang. Coming home to the person who will love me, no matter if I played a great set or a shit set. Unconditional love is very important.

That’s a nice sentiment to end on. We’ve already run out of time.
I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at inthemix for supporting me and I’m looking forward to coming back to Australia. I know I’ve said this many times, but keep rocking it with your website.

Universal Religion 5 is out now on Armada.

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