Digitalism: Our Favourite Albums

The Strokes – Room On Fire

“It’s not so old, but it definitely made something click in our heads. They are a brilliant band and that was around the time we played a lot of guitar stuff in our sets. Because of our DJ background, we only found out The Strokes with Room On Fire, and then we discovered Is This It. They are super-tight. That album and especially Reptilia arrived as we were starting to remix everyone. That was an exciting time.

They use so many nice riffs in their music and for us it’s all about the riffs. We grew up listening to trance music; you couldn’t avoid that in Germany in the ‘90s. Whether it’s trance riffs or guitar riffs, we need it. In the ‘90s, there wasn’t much difference between more minimal trance and techno; it was music they played on the Love Parade. Now it’s too polished. Back then, they used all analogue gear, and some of the compositions were actually very good."

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

“Well, it’s an obvious classic. People probably know everything about this nowadays, but it’s just so nice and gloomy. I especially liked all the songs when they were played live. I’ve got a special 12-vinyl edition and the live recordings are super-nice, ‘cause even though it was very ahead of its time in how they engineered the drum recordings, it’s a bit too dry. In the live recordings they were shredding it, you know?

We’ve taken a lot of this stuff for our music. Our peers went more minimal or towards disco, but I think we went Nordic. And I think this stands for that: melancholy, gloomy. That feeling of wanderlust. We produced in a World War II bunker with no windows, so there you go. I Love You, Dude was more a sundown album, as opposed to the first album which was like, pure night-time."

The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives

“We love them for their live gigs. When we first saw them play live, we just wanted to do the same. The frontman is there shredding chords and sweating his ass off. This album is probably the best they’ve done. I mean their stuff is pretty generic power chords, but the show gets you immediately hooked. They really triggered something in us."