Dance Music Disaster Gigs: Part Two

The Magician

Last year, news emerged that The Magician had been attacked on stage during a set in Switzerland with a mysterious chemical liquid and admitted to hospital. We spoke to the Belgian DJ to get the full story about the incident.

“I was playing in this really good club, the crowd response was great. Then, suddenly, somebody threw a liquid onto my face. After two seconds I fell down, I couldn't see, couldn't breathe properly and it burnt like hell! The club owner took me to the emergency ward and there they washed my eyes and my skin out for three hours.

After two days, the burns on my skin had disappeared, but ever since then I've been a bit paranoid when I play small club where I'm close to the crowd. I still can't believe what happened, and why, to be honest. Local police never found the person who did that."

Steve Lawler’s “very scary” night in Mexico

Lawler’s manager Joel Zimmerman in legal letter: “My client and I were very clear to the club promoter and club staff that once Steve was off the decks, and, had played for almost 2.5 hours, that we were done and were calling it a night. As we walked out of the club and headed to the car, our party (Steve, his girlfriend and I) were surrounded by ten bouncers from the club and three of the acting club owners.

The bouncers started to get physical with myself instructing me to not move and told Steve that he had to go inside immediately. We were then forced to walk back into the club escorted by the bouncers and owners. Steve went back on – still surrounded by bouncers – and played for an additional hour then quietly exited.”

Steve Lawler in 2004: “I had played for two hours, and things were going fine, and then the owner of the club wanted me to play a 15 min, techno/trance record which was about 160 BPM. So of course I refused, I knew nothing about this performance and I wasn’t about to break up what I had built musically. So they told me to play the record or get off.

This was a very scary incident that I never want to find myself in again. I’m sorry for those of you that live there, but I will never again come to Guadalajara, I will however be doing shows in other parts of Mexico, but I will never step foot into that city again. Sorry.”

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