Jaytech's Top Ten Dance Music Classics

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This weekend, one of Australia’s proudest dance music exports is taking the long haul back here for a four-date club tour. To celebrate the homecoming, inthemix is handing the reins over to Jaytech for a week-long Guest Editor stint. Over the next five days, the DJ-producer will be offering up a host of curated content to get you in the mood for his return.

This tour sees Jaytech spreading the word on his new Anjunadeep:04 compilation, which he mixed alongside James Grant. The pair has been instrumental in establishing Anjunadeep – the deeper, progressive side of Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats empire – as a bastion of quality electronic music. Jaytech himself is building a strong portfolio of productions, and he works a few into his Anjunadeep:04 disc, including Atlantic, Overdrive and Synergy. Given his flair for programming a DJ set, it’s no wonder Above & Beyond keep Jaytech close at hand.

For his first post as Guest Editor, the Canberra boy-done-good has cast his eye back. In the words of the DJ himself: “Here are some classics from the last ten-or-so years that really influenced me as a producer and a musician. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since some of these records came out. I feel old!”

Way Out West – Intensify

“This is of the defining records in the career of Pommy maestros Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff (the latter of whom has just released his debut solo album Trails We Blaze – congrats!). It’s a tasteful symphony of breakbeats, lush strings and classy vocals. Still sounds great to this day.”

Lake & Blades – Malteser Geezer

“I’m always a sucker for a good Chris Lake record (apparently I look like a bit like him too – people mistake me for him all the time!) and joining forces with Breeder’s Rowan Blades resulted in what I believe to be the seminal quirky piano-electro proggy house record of the noughties. They’ve got another nice release too; a darker breaks affair titled Filth on the same label.”


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Marshwah said on the 7th May, 2012

I know you guys love to rack up page impressions on these things, but can't we have the option of seeing it all on one page if we so wish?


Fourthstate said on the 7th May, 2012

CHOOOOOONS! Top picks Jimbo!


Makkaaa said on the 7th May, 2012

The Difference it Makes is one of my favourite prog house tracks of all time. So amazing.

mighty toy

mighty toy said on the 7th May, 2012

Jaytech is definitely one of the best aussie exports in the music scene , hanging for his 4 Hour Set in the Cave at Chinese Laundry on Saturday night !


angy said on the 7th May, 2012

Respectfully disagree Marshy - longform content on the web is easier to digest across several pages IMO. And great choooooons! <3


Whitey22 said on the 8th May, 2012

You feel so old?! You're 26 man. Get a grip!


sydney_djhire said on the 9th May, 2012

Saw him at Above and Beyond in Sydney, was amazing!

Luke Warren

Luke Warren said on the 11th May, 2012

Dream On (Luke Chable Remix) One of my all time favourite tunes !!!!