The New Breed #3: More Local Producers You Need To Hear

Flex Cop

The spirit of a fallen ‘90s clubber lives on in Queenslander Flex Cop, a local producer whose touch is decidedly French influenced. Already impressing with a couple of originals that amp up the euphoric disco vibes he’s just put out a remix for synth-pop twosome Yale’s track Lost In The Crowd which is all funk and fun.

Yale – ‘Lost In The Crowd’ (Flex Cop Remix)

Flex Cop – ‘I Been Looking’


If you clued into electro during its boom season in the mid-00s as the likes of Justice, The Presets and et al rose to distorted domination then the arrival of Brisbane duo Onassis should bring a smile to your voice – or at the very least a horn to your hand. This is straight-up banger stuff with big fucking synth builds and a hooks to spare.

Onassis – ‘Chemistry’

Onassis – ‘Second Chance’

Cosmo’s Midnight

There’s no shortage of producers knocking out lush sounds in Australia right now but a recent discovery in Sydney two-piece Cosmo’s Midnight has reignited my fondness for beats of the slow-mo variety. Spending most of their time as the production duo COSMO&PAAT they’ve shot off with a chilled out side project specialising in languid, dreamy atmospheres like the slowstep Skeleton Sessions and the Purity Ring-influenced Phantasm.

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Phantasm’

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Skeleton’

Science Project

The duo behind Brisbane’s Science Project have been churning out futuristic beats for a good stretch now and under their own Dub Temple Records label they’re now exploring more earthy grooves with touches that fall somewhere between tribal drumming and introspective hip hop. Check out the new one Shoulders Of Giants with another local talent Voodoo Dred.

Science Project – ‘Shoulders of Giants’

Science Project -’Beat Boppin’


If the diamond-shard mask that Katie Campbell wears on the Catlips Soundcloud page isn’t a dead giveaway then the music itself will confirm that this is frenetic, disfigured stuff. On Drowned Out the Perth producer melds some off-kilter electronics with a relentless patter of looped beats and her own scattered vocals. Expanded out to a three piece for live shows there’s plenty of promise in this experimental din.

Catlips – ‘Drowned Out’

Catlips – ‘Dumpling’

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katiecunningham said on the 7th Sep, 2012

"Boner-fied"...bravo, Dave.


dirtydoge said on the 8th Sep, 2012

don't quit yah day jobs PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


Conor- said on the 10th Sep, 2012

Lots of stuff happening in Queensland. Good stuff Davey


daverh said on the 10th Sep, 2012

@dirtydoge u r dum.


JamRock said on the 10th Sep, 2012

Where's all the Adelaide action? Uberjack'd, Rubberteeth, Wellsaid all killing it at the moment!


sounds_echoed said on the 11th Sep, 2012

where's the raw & gritty style industrial 4/4 techno these days? seems to be a lot of focus on synthwave, hip-hop and UK bass music especially...


shr3dder said on the 12th Sep, 2012

There is a lot more good music coming out of SA then you guys are letting on.


saeglopur said on the 12th Sep, 2012

The picture you've used for Weakling is the logo for the US black metal band of the same name. Just sayin' hey...


me_lindsay said on the 12th Sep, 2012

Very mediocre. It's not that the sounds themselves are alien beyond listen-ability, they're not. More cheap bright thin synth lines, everything compressed, chucks of samples ripped from somewhere in the vain hope to add interest on top of 'wonky', lazy beats made from sample packs. I'm sure that there are better producers out there, using interesting palettes, processes and ideas.


sion4 said on the 13th Sep, 2012

@ABitPatchy why LOL?