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To say that Mal Chia is synonymous with progressive in Adelaide sounds like a cliche. To take it a step further and propose that, currently, Mal Chia IS progressive in Adelaide could, perhaps, be perceived as boastful. Yet there is plenty of evidence to suggest that both these statements are true, not least of which is his having twice won the ‘Best Progressive DJ’ title at the South Australian Dance Music Awards.

Serving an apprenticeship playing either the early or late set at Fabric plus a lifelong intimacy with music helped develop Mal’s sound with a maturity and complexity that belied his relative inexperience. While progressive is his passion, an obvious influence from a diverse range of genres including tech house, electro, disco and funk is what distinguishes his sets from others. Steadily winning over dancefloors everytime he gets behind the decks, demand for his talent stretches well beyond his hometown, where he has played at every major festival and club, but around the nation and overseas, touring regularly with Renaissance, Goskitchen, Ministry of Sound amongst others, plus a high profile performance supporting John Digweed in Melbourne.

While Mal’s DJ resume continues to grow exponentially, he has not totally ignored the importance of production, especially in this day and age. Working heavily with re-edits, tailoring each track to fit perfectly within his sets, Mal has started to wet his feet with some original works, drawing on the advice of talented mates such as Gwill Morris, James Holden, Chris Meehan and Sean Quinn, so expect him to have another feather in his cap in the not too distant future.

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