Jeff Drake - Jan 2007 live demo

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So you want to know about Jeff Drake…

Episode 62 of Seinfeld probably says it best:

Elaine: Hey, how are we gettin’ to Drake’s party on Saturday night?
George: I don’t even like Drake.
Jerry: You don’t like the Drake?
George: Hate the Drake.
Elaine: I love the Drake.
Jerry: How could you not like the Drake?
George: Who’s the Drake?
Jerry: The Drake is good!
Kramer: I love the Drake!

But who listens to or agrees with George Costanza anyway?


1.The Freshmakers: Let It Go (Da Fresh Remix)
2.PNAU: We Love The Fresh Kills /
3.Diplomat: JX Complex [JD Mash up]
4.Cutoff: Bad Boy (Dub) /
5.Jeff Drake: Love The Drake (Acapella)
6.Mia Murasaki: Under The Futon
7.DJs Are Not Rockstars: VIP (Azzido Da Bass Remix)
8.Claud Von Stroke: The Whister (Original)
9.Mark Knight & Richard Dinsdale: Crunch
10.Jonathan Ulysses: The Crown (D.Agema Remix)
11.The Young Punx: Rockall (The Phonat Mix)
12.Joseph Armani: Infatuation (Dub) /
13.Sneaky Sound System: Your Hot [JD Mash up]
14.Mark Mendes: His Music
15.DJ Delicious: Ja Ja (Original Club Mix)
16.Datarock: Unknown (Mark Dynamix & Jaytech Remix)
17.Muz & Mann: Panik
18.Aaron Mcclelland: Cruel (Club Mix)
19.Foo Fighters: Everlong (PQM Remix)

Make sure you catch Jeff at his weekly residency at The Laundry in Sydney.

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combfilter said on the 2nd Feb, 2007

dig it, pnau and seinfeld. how could you not like the drake?


lizzie19883 said on the 7th Feb, 2007

LOVE the drake!! cant wait to see him again at good vibes!


lizzie19883 said on the 31st Mar, 2007

cant wait to see the drakester keep everyone going after andy cato... it is indeeed going to be mayhem @ laundry 31/3/07!