White Dorks - inthemix50 Promo

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White Dorks are so much more than their name would suggest. In fact, their chosen title is positively misleading. White Dorks can’t help but do things that are hotter, fresher and less dorky than everything else. White Dorks are DJs Dan Only and Todd. In 2004, they came together with a mission to create a new sound. The new sound was to be called dorkinbuzzfunkinpopelectstuffinstuff and was to include everything from pop, hip hop, uncut funk mashed with electro, breaks and house. Throwing in acapellas, samples and loops, and tweaked out with effects, dorkinbuzzfunkinpopelectstuffinstuff is now the biggest thing you’ve ever heard of. Live, White Dorks have an innovative, all-in-one DJ style. Working together and using acapellas on most tracks, they make each song their own and every set memorable. The White Dorks are also keen producers and have begun embarking on a very exciting journey into production, of which you can expect the end result to be huge.

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