Carlos Zarate - Live at Sweetchilli, October 2007

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“Hello, thanks for taking the time to listen to this set and read my bio of sorts… My music has been influenced from the deeper side of clubbing, I feel most at ease when the beats are four/four, the bass is flowing and the dance floor is actually dancing. Sounds strange but you can really tell the difference when people are grooving or just taking up space, my goal as a DJ is to get them to dance and bring their chin!”

“I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of the dark arts of underground music and club culture and I love the deeper more twisted sides of electronica, the kind of stuff that has a nice set of hairy balls, a nasty arse groove and 12inches of class. I love ALL music first and foremost but as a DJ I would say my sound covers all shades of House, Acid & Techno. For me music is a soul thing, a spiritual thing, I like music to touch people on that emotional level.”

“I am the founder of Thug, an Australian based Management company for some of the countries most respected underground club DJ’s. We also have been running events for the last 6 months under the Thug Nights guise. Our vibe is based around a Back-To-Basic’s approach. Quality production, great music, friendly faces and no unnecessary accessories. I have been lucky enough to work the Sweetchilli boys on a co-promotional level since mid 2005, something I am continually grateful for!”

“Things that are important to me include family, passion, love, positive attitudes, loyalty, friendship, music, a sense of self, Peace, good times, cuddles, vinyl, humour, nature, perspective, patience, talent, individuality, achieving goals, life, opportunities and many many more things that blink in the night.”

Love Zarate

Up Coming Gigs:

November 17 – Famous – Home Nightclub, Sydney
November 23 – Sweetchilli feat Extrawelt – Civic Theatre, Sydney
December 7 – inthemix Christmas Party – Civic Theatre, Sydney

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zarate_fix said on the 16th Nov, 2007 lots of love x


Burn2Shine said on the 19th Nov, 2007

Well this set made my Monday morning far more better.