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Tired of writing about himself in the third person, 30Hz aka Ginz, rewrote his own personal history in the internet 2.0 public domain whilst confusing tense and person and omitting articles and conjunctions because the internet has dumbed me down.

With the rest of his time I records music for Meat Katie’s Lot49 Imprint, collobarates with Manchesters answer to Gary Glitter: Baobinga as The Body Snatchers for Passenger and writes the techno with Bristol’s answer to Ted Bundy: Microman, as (Emptyset) for the Future Days imprint.

Between all Psuedonyms, he have remixed for artists such as Ferry Corsten, Krafty Kuts, Vex’d, and D. Ramirez have had music featured in hollywood films (ie Children of Men) video games (ie Project Gotham City Racing for the Xbox 360) and prime time tv programs (ie Fat Families… not mine proudest moment… but Ginz needs new rims) The bbc often times plays the music of us on the radio too which is nice because he liking the money.

I also spending many times DJing around the world and doing his part to deepen the world’s ever growed Carbon emmisions crises. I also had rather poor degree in English from the University of Bristol and a duel citizenship status. He used to be American from DC but I sworn allegiance to Queen which is ok, because she seems like quite a nice lady and I like her dresses.

30Hz will be touring Australia in January, check it!

Jan 1 – Perth
Jan 11 – Brisbane
Jan 18 – Sydney
Jan 19 – Canberra
Jan 25 – Cairns
Jan 26 – Sydney


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McFargus said on the 7th Dec, 2007

Nice, love his productions as well