Jono Fernandez - Winter 2008 Demo

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Enthusiastically dubbed “The Australian pioneer of the Tech-Funk sound” after his recent guest mixes on London’s Passion Radio and Kiss FM, it seems Jono Fernandez has been earning global accolades since his launch onto the Australian scene at the age of 15. Producer, composer, DJ, and mentor all rolled into one – one glance at his extensive list of musical achievements and you probably wouldn’t make the mistake of tagging Jono Fernandez as simply a DJ.

Put it down to his classical training (Jono officially plays the flute, piano, violin and guitar), or over twelve years of experience, but his list of recent studio collaborations reads more like a whose who. Busy banging out tracks with Meat Katie, Kid Kenobi, Nick Thayer, Dylan Rhymes and Luke Chable, Jono has also been busy polishing off remixes for the likes of Mark Dynamix (Hussle), 10 Rapid (Burrito) and My Ninja Lover. His own tracks are being picked up, produced and remixed left, right and centre by such high profile lads as Koma & Bones and Klaus Heavyweight Hill, and most recently his collaboration with Kid Kenobi on the track ‘Rubber’ has found its way onto the Ministry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide to 2007 – are you out of breath yet?

With an individualistic sound the result of a blend of predominantly techfunk, house and electro – it is most recently Jono’s knowledge of Ableton Live that has impressed audiences globally and locally. Facilitating on-the-spot f*cking around with tunes, you’re as likely to hear straight 4/4 during one of his DJ sets as you are some brain- fracturing, improvised, never-to-be-heard-again breaks remix.

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