Mr C - Live at The End, London (26/07/08)

Image for Mr C - Live at The End, London (26/07/08)

Mr C really needs no introduction. Coming to fame as the frontman of the Shamen in the early 90s, he opened The End with Layo in 1995 before going on to start his own label and night, Superfreq. Originally a Saturday night, Superfreq moved to a weekly Sunday night spot and quickly became the scene leader for end of the week hedonism. After a year in AKA, Superfreq has moved down to The End for a little more dancing space and following Superfreq’s birthday celebrations in February will be its home permanently.

For more about The End head to the official website at, and for more DJ sets from Mr C check out his profile page.

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truba said on the 18th Aug, 2008

awesome dj, hope he comes down here soon


schwa said on the 20th Aug, 2008

Great.. loving this set


Richo_ said on the 11th Sep, 2008

Mr C is coming to cott :D