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Mish’Chief is no “good girl’ – her trademark style is tough grinding mechanical baselines combined with playful rhythms and samples, all with a slightly menacing attitude. This is not for light-weights who might like their sounds more pop than punch.

Known for her energy, dynamic sets, an ability to connect with a crowd and get a room jumping, her sets span a wide range of styles. She’s no genre snob selecting from diverse sounds to create unique and engaging sets. She’s versatile and not afraid to mix things up with anything from Techno, Progressive, Jacking House, Hard Disco, Electro-Rock, Minimal and funked up breaks/hip hop featuring in her sets.


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johnking said on the 12th Jun, 2009

I have had the pleasure not only of hearing the music, but of also witnessing the explosive and dynamic force of Mish'Chief's on-stage performances over the last few months. She delivers uncompromising sets of genre-smashing brilliance. Bright, dark, liqu


Rocca said on the 14th Jun, 2009

breathe! w00t haha nice one! :D


Wowk said on the 14th Jun, 2009

Where abouts is this chick based?


Brenton_2e said on the 15th Jun, 2009

Mad, can you download it anyway? you use to be able too just right hand click and save it as a quicktime file

Miss Mish

Miss Mish said on the 10th Aug, 2009

Thanks for the comments - based in Melbourne:-) If you are up for tune madness then find me on FB under Marishka Cross or myspace/djmish'chief... Join INSTINCT EVENTS (facebook home page) and you'll get updated with the goods....Cheers