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Belfast-bred maven Phil Kieran is back in these parts in a matter of weeks, a host of “new material” tucked under his arm. This ITM-FM set was recorded live in Austria, so it should get your ears (and dancing feet) primed before Kieran takes us for another spin at Strawberry Fields, Subsonic Music Festival and select club shows.

The last time we saw you here it was with the live A/V show. Is that still something you tour clubs with?
That A/V show was to promote the album SHH on Cocoon, all the visuals were made to go with each part of audio I played. Since then, I have made so much new music and have moved on, I don’t like to stay on one thing for too long otherwise it becomes stale. For my next album I will come up with something completely new.

And the shows with White Noise Sound sounded like something special – how did it all go in Swansea and Belfast?
The best show was in Belfast and it went really well, we made almost an album worth of material and played it live within two months – very satisfying. It was made without any commercial plans, and the project went so well that I’m going to produce their next album, which should be out next year.

It seems like you’ve been finding your singing voice recently – has that been a strange/revealing experience?
Strange and revealing would be very good words to describe it. Standing on stage for the first time and doing lead vocals is close to feeling like you have no clothes on, it’s very strange. It’s a great feeling to write words and sing about stuff going on in your head – I found it all very helpful to my mood, just to get stuff out there that was bothering me.

Can you tell us a bit about how your production collaboration with Green Velvet began?
I’ve known Curtis for quite a long time now, mostly from playing in Belfast in the early years. He was always a fan of my records and when we met we would talk about it but never actually get around to it.

Then we were doing a gig in Switzerland and I let him hear a track I had done that I wasn’t sure about, he flipped out and kept telling me how good it was. I wasn’t so sure, but I gave it to him to work on – and that was Free Yourself. It seems to be working really well so we have plans to do lots more in 2012, he has become a good friend.

So what else is in the pipeline? Is the album your main focus?
Yeah, as I’m typing this interview I’m bouncing stems getting the new album ready to be mixed. This will be by far the most interesting thing I’ve done, its just very chilled and has lots of layers. They are all songs and I’m singing on most of them along with some friends from here in Belfast.

Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to trying out on the crowds here this time?
I’m going to play lots of my new material, and in Australia I just like having fun and playing the records that I want to hear and let other people hear. The time I look forward to most are my trips to Oz, I can’t wait to get out there!

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