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“We’re probably going to be here forever,” say Channel X of their creative home Berlin. As winter descends on the techno capital, Andre and Mirko are packing up their machines for an Australian tour, which includes a journey into the bush for Subsonic Music Festival. As the weekend approaches, we’ve secured this streaming live set to set the mood. The guys also answered some questions for us.

Before forming Channel X, you both had quite different backgrounds. How do you think that has influenced the music you make together?
When we were introduced to each other, André was more into DJing, while Mirko was concentrating on production. These two different approaches helped us to build a solid base for our work, since we were able to draw from all aspects of club music. In the beginning it is always difficult to know exactly what you want to do and, more importantly, how to achieve that. Working together with someone else made things easier and the end product, the tracks, more complete.

Are you still based in Berlin? Do you find it an inspiring place to work?
Yes, of course – we’re probably going to be here forever. There’s inspiration around every corner, whether it’s in the form of musicians, concerts, clubs or art. The city is simply bursting with life and creativity in a very individual way. There’s no place quite like Berlin and that’s why no other place is an option for us at the moment.

What is it about Stil vor Talent that made it the right label for Channel X?
At Stil for Talent, there’s this open-mindedness towards music, which makes us feel completely at ease. Oliver Koletzki, the label head, is very helpful in giving you direction when it’s needed, but at the same time, we feel we’re given the space and freedom we need to create our music. Stil vor Talent is always looking for good music without going for the safe and subsequently boring options. As a result, great stuff by great people is getting released – we are like a big family.

Your live show sounds quite involved. Can you tell us a bit about how you put your live sets together?
First off, we don’t connect our two laptops via midiclock. In return, the audience get the feeling they’re actually hearing a DJ set because we synchronise by ear, rather than automatically. We just feel that there’s a lot more soul in it doing that way – otherwise it would be too perfect and boring for us. All the time, either of us can just add some loops to the other one’s arrangement, which makes for innovative mixes. Nothing is rehearsed and make sure that our track choices react to the crowd, rather than just the other way around.

What releases does Channel X have coming up?
The next release is going to be on the Berlin label Upon You Records, who we’ve worked for in the past. It should be out by February 2012. And after that, it’s time to start on our next album, which we’re hoping to release towards the end of next year latest. It’s going to be on Stil vor Talent again.

You’ll be in Australia very soon: what are you looking forward to trying out on the dancefloors here?
We don’t want to give too much away as we’ve been working on the live show for the Australia tour for a while now. But let us tell you, groove is the key to get the people moving. And we love groove! So come along and dance with us – we look forward to it!

Subsonic Music Festival 2011

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