Greg Wilson – ITM-FM exclusive mix [Part One]

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UK original Greg Wilson belongs to that special class of ‘DJs’ DJs’ whose feel for the dancefloor is absolute. After all, he was there over 30 years ago, already perfecting the art of the mix. Wilson played a pivotal role in the early-‘80s halcyon days of The Haçienda club in Manchester, with reel-to-reel his apparatus of choice.

“It’s not about the format as far as I’m concerned, but the music, regardless of whether this is played from vinyl, CD or laptop,” Wilson told Burlington last year of his current set-up. “I’ve found my own unique approach; the sounds/samples from the reel-to-reel peppering the tunes I play from my laptop, many of which are contemporary re-edits of older tracks, which again provides that past/present balance I’m always after.”

The esteemed selector has made a couple of long hauls down here in recent years, and he’s back next month for more disco and house workouts, including a Sunday session at Playground Weekender. Thanks to the good people at the festival, we’ve got the perfect warm-up mixes from Greg Wilson right here on ITM-FM. These two parts were recorded live at 202 Broadway in Sydney on his 2010 tour.

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