Paul van Dyk - Tour Mini-Mix on ITM-FM

Image for Paul van Dyk - Tour Mini-Mix on ITM-FM

Thanks to his booking as the trance headliner for Future Music Festival 2012, Paul van Dyk has been around these pages quite a bit lately. This weekend the German veteran will finally unveil his custom-built Evolution stage show at the first festival stops – with three hour sets locked in.

The Evolution concept ties in to PvD’s sixth studio album of the same name, which was originally set for a 2011 release. However, the man himself has announced 20 March 2012 as the revised release date. The reason for the delay is PvD’s idea to shoot videos for all 16 tracks on the album, with himself as the lead player.

We caught up with PvD ahead of the tour, and found the man to be in his usual outspoken and engaging form. “2012 has been my favourite year,” he told us. “I’ve never really been someone who’s lived in the past. I’m grateful that I’ve been a part of what happened to electronic music, developing from a small subculture to the biggest music culture in the world.”

We don’t have a tracklist for this ITM-FM mini-mix unfortunately, but maybe you can piece it together in the comments? Go ahead and hit play on a 30-minute session from the trance trailblazer.