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In 2012, the Red Bull Music Academy is going to New York, bringing together like-minded producers, DJs, vocalists and composers in one of the world’s leading creative cities. Each year, an Australian participant is chosen, and this time the honour is going to Melbourne beatmaker Andy Donnelly, aka Kloke. The producer’s excursions in the realm between techno and dubstep have found favour with Dutch impresario Martyn and others. Now Kloke’s getting the chance to win more of his peers over.

“I honestly didn’t think I was RBMA material,” he says. “It’s sunk in that I’ve been accepted but I’m still finding it hard to imagine actually being there. I’ve watched all the RBMA lecture videos from past years and heard stuff from people I know who’ve been previous participants so I know roughly what goes on, but I’d rather not go with any specific expectations. With regards to New York itself I’m definitely looking forward to doing some serious record shopping!” To give you an insight into his sound, have a listen to this Kloke set, featuring seven of his original productions.


Kloke – Maki
Kloke – To The Rescue
Kloke – Hawkers
Kloke – Sunken
Kloke – Circuit Theory
Kloke – Broken Tape
Kloke – Untitled