Ariane - Live at the inthemix Rave Cave

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Also known around town as Perfect Snatch, Modular recruit Ariane dropped into the inthemix Rave Cave at Jurassic Lounge for a Tuesday session. Now you can hear her selections streaming right here on ITM-FM.

“I just like good songs, which means it is very hard to describe my sound,” says Ariane. “However if I had to play one genre of music for the rest of eternity it would be house music from 1986 until Bob Sinclair released his last good record – 2000.” And the post-Rave Cave plan? “Hopefully millions of gigs! I’m slowly releasing a series of edits that I have been too nervous to let anyone but myself listen to.” We, for one, are keen to hear them.

You can read more about the Rave Cave cast right over here, or just hit play on this mix.

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