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German mainstay D-Nox returns to Australia this November, for a tour that takes him from club dancefloors to the open skies of Far North Queensland for Eclipse 2012. A proven favourite of our outdoor parties, the DJ arrives here at the tail-end of an industrious year in the studio and on the touring circuit alongside his buddy Beckers. The mix you can listen to here is a two-hour section of D-Nox’s set at the 2012 TribalTech festival in Brazil. As the man himself tells us in the Q&A below, the “huge rave” was one of his highlights of the year so far.

We had Beckers out here earlier this year for Rainbow Serpent Festival, and this time you’re coming alone. When you’re DJing without Beckers, is the feel of your sets different?
Yes, it’s a different thing, since I don’t need to try to read his mind. DJing for me is a very egoistic thing. I play for the people, which is not egoistic, but to play with someone together is always half of what I am or what I would do. Selection of tracks, the mixing, the stage presence, my moves.

It’s not that I prefer the one or the other but since I was always DJing alone I got so used to it. I have now been DJing for 20 years. It’s my life, its like waking up, going to shower, starting your day and so on. I know the process very well. And to play with someone is something I still have to understand better. Most of the times we play together only as a live show. We DJ only very few times together.

It seems you’ve had a busy year so far. What have been some of your highlights on the touring front?
One of my highlights was just recently a huge rave in Brazil. So far I have played many major events but this one was just outstanding, different from the others. Luckily the DJ after me didn’t show up which gave me an extra one-and-a-half hours. In the end I played three-and-a-half hours and I moved around 18,000 people from night to morning sunrise. Amazing. Another great experience was our first visit to Kenya. Totally mind-blowing location, in the middle of the bush, wildlife everywhere, great people and the party went off to hook.

One of our reviewers once wrote: “The name D-Nox & Beckers is synonymous with outdoor techno in Australia.” Do you feel there’s that connection too?
There must be. Every time we come to Australia we get to play at Rainbow or similar events. I bet people connect us with at open air parties more than clubs.

What are you looking forward to trying out at Eclipse this year?
Snakes and spiders in my tent is what I will definitely look out for. Beside this I am awaiting an eclipse that will leave me speechless for the next couple of days, plus a good time and spot to play my set. I really don’t know how it’s gonna be. Surprise!

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