Vitalic - 'Rave Age' mini-mix

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Ahead of the release of his new album Rave Age, French trailblazer Vitalic has put together this 10-minute snapshot of his studio handiwork. On this outing, Vitalic keeps things brash and maximal: a path he knows well. Vitalic has been a fan favourite on inthemix since first battering our sense with tunes like Poney Part One and La Rock 01 from his well loved OK Cowboy LP. Seven years down the track and Vitalic is still throwing his muscle around bringing forth a new collection of fiery, thrashing electro with Rave Age.

Mini-mix tracklist

1. Nexus
2. Lucky Star
3. The March of Skabah
4. Under Your Sun (feat Owlle)
5. Rave Kids Go (feat Mickael Karkousse)
6. Next I’m Ready (feat Joe Reeves)
7. Stamina
8. Fade Away (feat Joe Reeves)

Rave Age is out November 9 through Liberator Music/PIAS.

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