Eddie Halliwell on ITM-FM

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This New Year’s, UK whiz Eddie Halliwell brings his livewire DJ sets back to Australia for Summadayze. The renowned showman has had a big year, travelling far and wide, working in the studio on releases like the remix of Planet Perfecto’s Bullet In The Gun, keeping the Fire It Up Sessions rolling and mixing a compilation for Toolroom Records. Given the man’s reputation for rapid-fire wizardry in the booth, 29 tracks made the cut on that release, with plenty of effects, scratches and layering throughout the mix. Expect to see that first-hand when he lands here.

“Your presence as a DJ is very important and your connection with the audience is crucial,” Halliwell recently mused to inthemix. “Your technical ability, really, sometimes doesn’t matter. You could be the most skilled technical artist in the world, but if you’re not connecting with your audience it doesn’t matter. I think your musical choice is key as well. The way you put records together and the journey, whether you take the crowd up or down, is crucial.”

Mad Halliwell fans will recognise this mix from the DJ’s Fire It Up radio show, coming live from Fire It Up in Belfast. Get stuck in!


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