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German-Turkish stalwart Butch returns to Australia this weekend for three special shows. The whirlwind visit comes in the midst of a typically relentless tour schedule for the producer. With a string of releases over the years on esteemed labels like Cécille, Rekids, Trapez and Great Stuff, he also captains the bouq. imprint with his studio partner Amir. Ahead of the tour, here’s a mix from Butch to set the mood.

“As a DJ who’s travelling a lot I’m really happy about technologies like Serato because carrying at least two very heavy record cases makes things complicated on tour,” Butch told inthemix in 2011. “Before I was switching to Serato I was one of the first DJs in Germany using Final Scratch. I’ve learned DJing with vinyls but switched to Time-Code vinyl relatively early. I’m not a big fan of DJing with CDs or laptops because I feel like there is something missing if there are no turntables involved. So although I´m using Serato with time-code vinyl I’m still a big fan of the ‘black gold’. That’s why my label bou.q is releasing on vinyl (some releases even vinyl only) although this minimises the profits.”


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