Toneshifterz – Countdown to IQON mix

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For the first-ever IQON in Australia, Q-dance has assembled 12 of the world’s leading hard dance acts. At the top of the list are Dutch heavyweights Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers, alongside the likes of Zatox, Brennan Heart, Frontliner, The Prophet and Coone. Homegrown production stars Toneshifterz will also be there, and they’ve put together this special showcase mix.

Since their move to The Netherlands in 2011, Elie and Olcay have been making a name all over Europe with mainstage performances at the biggest festivals, and a string of successful productions. Because of their success, there are many young Australia producers aspiring to an illustrious career in hardstyle. However it hasn’t all been a dream run for the duo. When Elie was confronted with some personal health issues in July last year, he was forced to return to Australia for an unknown period of time and leave Olcay on his own in the land of tulips, cheese and windmills.

We had a chat to them both to see what this sudden move meant for their artist career, what their plans are for the future, and of course to talk about IQON.

IQON 2013

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