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In preparation for his performance at IQON, we had a chat to the melodyman himself, Frontliner, who also provided us with this special IQON promo mix of his own productions. “My favourite track right now is one of the newest projects and is actually still a big secret,” he told inthemix. “I will be playing this track exclusively at IQON. I can tell you that its already finished, and I didn’t put it on my SD card yet. It’s hard to resist the temptation to get it out there, but I want to keep this one especially for IQON and my fans in Australia.”

Touching down at the Sydney International Dragway on Saturday 20 April 2013, IQON is set to be “a whole new experience” – a single-stage festival with the cutting-edge production that Defqon.1 is renowned for. For the festival’s debut, Q-dance has assembled 12 of the world’s leading hard dance acts. Joining Frontliner on the bill are Dutch heavyweights Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers, alongside the likes of Zatox, Brennan Heart, The Prophet and Coone. Homegrown production stars Toneshifterz and Code Black will also be there in full effect.


1. Frontliner – Come On!
2. Frontliner ft. John Harris – Halos
3. Frontliner – All In This Together
4. Frontliner – I’m The Melodyman
5. Frontliner – Dream Dust (Qlimax 2012 Edit)
6. Technoboy – Rage (Frontliner Remix)
7. Frontliner ft. John Harris – Never Come Down (Q-Base 2012 Live Edit)
8. Frontliner ft. Nikkita – Death Of A Demon
9. Frontliner – Symbols (Q-Base 2012 O.S.T.)

IQON 2013

Sydney International Dragway

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