Fort Knox Five [Audio]: Free the funk


When we got a few minutes on the phone with Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five recently it was just a few days after Barack Obama’s historic victory in the US election. As a resident of Washington DC, Jon and his Fort Knox Five brothers – Sid Barcelona, Rob Myers and Steve Raskin – have steeped themselves in politics from day one, so for them the outcome was a great relief. Even though he found himself on tour in Canada when the big news came through, Jon was still up for a party to celebrate.

“Originally I was like, ‘it’s cool, I don’t mind being away for the election’,” he says, wishing he was back at home in Washington DC. “I did a federal absentee ballot a couple of weeks before I left. But I’ve been on the road now since the middle of October, doing a bunch of Canada stuff… covering a lot of dates for the album release… To me, I think Barack ran a really admirable campaign. He was a very nice guy the whole time, when people were talkin’ lots of crap, gettin’ really pissed and being nasty he was really cool about things.”

Back to the topic at hand, however, the other big point of discussion on Jon’s mind is, of course, their long awaited debut Fort Knox Five album, Radio Free DC. Coming 5 years after they launched their Fort Knox Five Recordings label, and 2 years since their compilation of remixes The New Gold Standard, for fans of the US funkateers the album has been a very long time coming. Thankfully we’ll also have the chance to hear it all this summer when they return for another Australian tour.

Radio Free DC is out in January through Fort Knox Five Recordings/Inertia. Don’t miss Jon and the crew when they undertake a DJ tour this summer:

Dec 26 – Breakfest, Perth

Jan 1 – Field Day, Sydney

Jan 3 – Summafieldayze, Gold Coast