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Where do I change my Avatar?
Click "My Control Panel" on the left, then choose "Edit Avatar"

When can I use a custom Avatar?
After 100 posts or a year of membership.

How big can a custom Avatar be?
A maximum size of 64x64 pixels and/or 20000 bytes (20k)

What kinds of files can I use for an Avatar?
GIF or JPG files

Its says my Avatar is too big!
Resize it with a program like Photoshop, PaintshopPro, or at

How do I get a funky moving Avatar?
Download an animated GIF and resize it to fit the 64x64 pixel and 20000 bytes restrictions.

What is inappropriate to use as an Avatar?
Don't steal somebody elses Avatar. Don't use imagery that is in extremely poor taste or is pornographic. Keep in mind that moderators decide what is considered inappropriate.

How do I change my User Text and get a Custom Title?
All users may change their User Text after a year of membership or 100 posts. Choose "My Control Panel" then select "Edit Title"