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Over time we have noticed that promoter or 'helpers of promoters' have been promoting their upcoming nights or events on the ITM forums.

These posts contravene the Community Guidelines. Please do not post information about your new night, where it is on, how much it will cost or the bio of the acts you will be touring / presenting.

Posts of this nature will be removed without notice.

  • If you want to talk to ITM about advertising your event, go here
  • If you want us to write a feature article about your event, go here
  • If you'd like to list your event in the WHATS ON guide, go here
  • If you'd like us to offer a competition to win tix to your event, go here

As you can see we offer a great selection of free and paid services to promote your event. The ITM forum is not one of those areas. Posts that are simple promotions annoy users and fill the forum with poor quality posts.

Repeated offenders risk their ITM account being suspended. Please co-operate by using the right areas of the site, we don't like banning people, but we will if we have to.

If you're not sure about the Community Guidelines that you agreed to upon joining, you can check them out, here

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