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Bill 18-Dec-07 11:08pm

latest mix recorded over the weekend

01. Alta Infidelidad - Gran Uniσn [Thinner]
02. Cj Tari - La Tarea (Guti Remix) [Miniatura]
03. Carl Najafi - Superdimensionality [Kreatur Musik]
04. Jason And The Argonauts - 500eurodureschoenen (Ion Ludwig Remix) [Produkt Schallplatten]
05. Stewart McKeown - Booze Bus [Unfoundsound]
06. Cedric Eteocle - The City [Unfoundsound]
07. Dyude - Tryolo [indigo*magenta]
08. Omar Salgado - Petalos [Unfoundsound]
09. Someone Else - Play It Kershaw (Barem's Hooyee Mix) [Foundsound]
10. Franco Bianco - La Campana De La Nonna (Truss Remix) [Miniscule]
11. Bardo - X []
12. Jeik - Nitro [Toys For Boys]
13. Richard Parker - On My Mind [Pinksilver]

Bekay 19-Dec-07 10:05am

Here is a short litle 40 minute demo I've done with th sassy vocalist I've been flying around the counrty doing gigs with with this year, it's a bit different in parts from my usual stuff, I hope you enjoy it.

Ben Kelly & Nancy Vice

jayar 22-Dec-07 07:22pm

Jayar - Deep Deadly Subs - Dubstep mix

Here's a little dubstep mix i knocked up recently with my local d&b heads specifically in mind... Its a bit of a mixture of dancefloor dubstep beats, selected not to be all the newest, but more to show a bit of a range in sound and to include some of the d&b producers who've been delving into the sound (though no digital or skynet this time).

kicks off pretty normal deep sub-working stuff and then gets right nasty and techy at the end...

Opening track from Adelaide's own Rummage :rock:

>>LINK<< (to file server, you might have to wait a few seconds...?)

1. Rummage – First world
2. Skream & Cluekid – Sandsnake
3. Skream – Lightning
4. Toasty – Knowledge (Vex’d rmx)
5. N-type – Way of the dub
6. Lwiz - Strength
7. Juju – Youthman dub
8. DQ1 – Wear the crown
9. Nyabingi – Cannibal run
10. Coki – Shattered
11. Loefah – The goat stare
12. Loefah – System
13. Coki – Red eyes
14. Kromestar – Serial killers
15. RSD – Corner dub (red & blue mix)
16. Kromestar – Kalawanji
17. Rusko – Jahova
18. Caspa – Dubwarz
19. N-type – Rise
20. Scandalous unltd – The solution
21. The Others – Fun house
22. Matty G – 50,000 watts
23. Innerlign & Tyrant – 1745
24. Skream – Darkside of life
25. Rusko – William tonkers
26. Coki – Spongebob
27. Reso – Curse dub
28. Caspa – Bring the lights down
29. Rusko – Cockney thug
30. Marlow – Scum
31. Distance – Radical
32. Tech itch – Implant
33. Mathhead – Stagger dub
34. Luke Envoy – Gamma
35. Emalkay – Mecha
36. Tech itch – Distort
37. Elemental – Tribute
38. Vex’d – Smart bomb

79:30, 75MB

and of course, if your stereo doesnt have much bass, crank it up, find another or listen with headphones... dubstep just doesnt sound the same unless the bass is dominating. :)

Blu-Dome 26-Dec-07 12:21pm

Im still a bit of a n00b with all this but here's my most recent set, Its tech-house, done on traktor just the other day.

Starts in the deeper side of tech-house and moves into more big room sounds after a bit of deep electro after the halfway mark. beatmatching is only slightly off in bits but hard to tell.
All i do is try to mix what i would love to hear in a club and in that respect i reckon its a killer. :rock:

Ive got a few sets dl'ing from here as i type this il try give some feedback and id REALLY appreciate if someone could do the same, love to know what you think.

Cheers :thumb:

Dusk 'Til Dawn-- 1:02:45, 86.1MB @ 192kbps

Lee Burridge - Do you smoke Pot?

Sander Van Dorn - By Any Demand ft MC Pryme - Peter Gelderblom Mix

Steve Porter, Lee Burridge - Raw Dog

Andain- Beautiful Things (Josh Gabriel Mix)

Tomcraft - Escape from New York

Rasmus Faber - Get Over Here (Cato's 202 Mix)

Chicken Lips - He Not In (Vandalism Vocal Mix)

Tomcraft, Republica - Ready to Go (Club Mix)

Dave Spoon - This Machine feat. Penny Foster (Tom Neville Remix)

James Harcourt - Tease (Shiloh Remix)

Luke Chable, Shiloh - Sentrino

clashthediskokids 26-Dec-07 05:39pm

our mixtape

Clash The Disko Kids' Dec'07/Jan'08 Mix


01 Popof - Alcoolic (Paul WoodFord Remix)
02 Oxia - Lost Memory
03 Shlomi Aber - Sekur
04 Plastikman - Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
05 The Presets - My People (D.I.M Remix)
06 CSS - Alala Edge (Clash The Disko Kids vs Keatch Edit)
07 D.I.M - Is You
08 Larry Tee - Licky (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
09 Goose - Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots "Chipmunk" Remix)
10 Phunk Electric - More Strong
11 Vitalic - No Fun
12 Britney Spears - Outrageous (Felix Cartal Remix)
13 Altern-8 - Frequency (Hostage Remix)
14 Shinichi Osawa - Detonator
15 Culprit 1 - Tricks (The Rogue Element Remix)
16 Gingy - Rios For Mvp
17 Dubfire - I Feel Speed
18 The Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)

DJFlatcracker 30-Dec-07 06:01pm

Here is my new DJ Mix.

This contains a new flatcracker remix for Kaskade.

You can download it here

01 - Kaskade - Right Dream (Flatcracker Bubble Dream Remix)
02 - Hot Toddy - Delta Blues (Original Mix)
03 - Dragonfly - All The Way (SOLE channel Main Mix)
04 - Mazi - Do You Want Me featuring Colette (Ten Bar Mix)
05 - Ari Rhodes - Get Away My Crazy Love (Original Mix)
06 - West Magnetic - Give It Up For Free (Kaskade's Vision)
07 - Lisa Shaw - Find The Way (Original Vocal)
08 - Matthew Bandy - Thinkin' Bout You (Matthew Bandy's Original Vox)
09 - Groove Armada - Love Sweet Sound (Mark Knight Remix)
10 - Miguel Migs - Let Me Be (Karol XV11 & MB Valence E-Dub)
11 - Sweetback - Round and Round (Flatcracker Beat Mix)

rancho 30-Dec-07 06:21pm

Nick T vs Brad Smede


01. Jimi Polar & Lamie Lloyd - Beatle Pusher [Nick]
02. Henrik Schwarz - Your Love [Nick]
03. Alison Marks - Rothschild's Violin (Anja Schneider Remix) [Brad]
04. Joeski - Carbibe Elektrico (Outer Limits Remix) [Nick]
05. Efdemin - Just A Track [Brad]
06. Consistent - Proper Balance [Nick]
07. Federico Molinari - Enerverende [Brad]
08. Swell Session vs Seiji - Prepared To Go (Jimpster Dub Mix) [Nick]
09. Giles Smith & Two Armadillos - Tropics [Brad]
10. Tokyo Black Star - Still Sequence (Innervisions Version) [Nick]
11. SIS - Lesh (Inchi and Maya) [Brad]
12. Radioslave - Bell Clap Dance (Sebo K Remix) [Nick]
13. Let's Go Outside - I'll Lick Your Spine (Repeat Repeat Remix) [Brad]
14. Dan Berskon & James Priestley - Chariots (Motorcitysoul Remix) [Nick]
15. Booka Shade - Numbers (Extended Vocal Mix) [Brad]

Recorded last night. Nothing too exciting, just a spontaneous set over some beers :thumb:

jazam 05-Jan-08 11:45am

DJ Mix (The End of A Love Affair)

1. Radiohead - Kid A (EMI)
2. Bjork - Possibly Maybe (One Little Indian)
3. Carl Craig - Darkness (Planet E)
4. Capracara - Opal Rush (Soul Jazz)
5. Matias Aguayo - De Papel (Kompakt)
6. Three Chairs - Dreams (3 Chairs)
7. Closer Musik - 1,2,3... No Gravity (Kompakt)
8. Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music (MoodMusic)
9. James Holden - Lump (Border Community)
10. Kritical Audio - Krup (Detroit Underground)
11. Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind (Ai)
12. Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack (EMI)

Thoughts/ Ideas more than more than welcome.


Marc Us 06-Jan-08 03:23pm

Marc Us – Live @ Arthouse ft. Chuck Love – 5.1.2008 - 113MB - 2:03:06

1. D2 - Therapy
2. Smooth Touch ft. G-Sax - Mountain High
3. DJ Dennis ft. Marley Grey – Marleys Dance - Rick Preston Santa Cruz Jam
4. UPZ ft. Rasu - Noiz - Main Mix
5. Troydon – Im With Ya - Joshua Heath Play That Bass Mix
6. Pint Size – Island Sunset – Da Sunlounge Mix
7. Ananda Project – Universal Love – Jay J Shifted Up Dub
8. DJ Fluid pres. Omega – Keep On - Chuck Love Top Toast Remix
9. Magik J ft. Andy Juan – Perfect – Magik J Vocal Remix
10. Mario Fabriani – Groove Bug
11. DJ Electric & Simone De Nauw - Sunline - Edmunds Electronic Sunrise Remix
12. Patrick Turner – Tribal Bonus / Bulo Accapella
13. Andy Ward & Deep Josh ft. Harmony Brown - Sweetest Feeling - Groove Assassin & Soularis Instrumental Mix / My Love Accapella
14. U Ness – So Fine - Deemah Dub / Have A Good Time (Accapella)
15. Joey Youngman - Unconditional
16. Pierre RS – Love Is The Message - Chuck Love’s Top Toast Mix / Foolin Around Accapella
17. Iz & Diz – Magnificent – Fred Everything Remix
18. Evelyn Thomas - Spread Love – Original Club Dub
19. Reggie Hall - Something Better – Muthafunkaz Remix
20. Somore - I Refuse-What You Want - Phil Week's Rob Soul Mix
21. Dajae & Bernard Badie – Tonight – Main Mix
22. Random Soul - It Feel’s Alright - Miguel Migs Petalpusher Rework
23. Domu pres. Pete Simpson - Look A Little Further - The Muthafunkaz 12' Vocal Remix
24. DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz ft. Ann Nesby - It's So Easy - Muthafunkaz 12' Inst / That Thing Accapella

taktik 07-Jan-08 01:49pm

Thanks Fellas, I Will Try Out Zshare. Once I Have Found My Sound Driver. Just Dissappeared. Computer Bugs.

rancho 09-Jan-08 11:27am

OMG it's a new mix from meeeeeeeeeeeee.... prop's to Nick T for loaning me cdj's and xone92and also recording/mastering. what a champ ;D

It's a collection of some of my favourite deep techy tunes from 07 with a get physical classic for nostalgic purposes :zabiela:

01. Ki.Mi - Fineola (Original Mix) [The Flame Recordings]
02. Giles Smith & Two Armadillos - Tunnel of Light (Original Mix) [Dessous Recordings]
03. SLG - Rushhour (Burlent Gurler Remix) [Trapez]
04. Daso & Pawas Gupta - Bummelzug (Original Mix) [FLASH]
05. Aural Distortion - Plasma (Original Mix) [Tsuba]
06. Jorg Burger - Polyform (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
07. Kevin Griffiths - Jaguar Shoes (Ripperton's Lonely Predator Reshape) [Tsuba]
08. Mike Tales - Moog And Organ (Original Mix) [New League]
09. M.A.N.D.Y. - Sunsetpeople (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Latenightflight To Monza Remix) [Get Physical Music]
10. Nils Noa - X-Rated feat. Dave Sinister (Christian Sol Remix) [Groovecollection Red]
11. Reclick - Subclub (Original Mix) [8Bit]
12. Betoko - Xuplak (Original Mix) [Wow!]
13. Plasmik - Pearls On A String (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
15. Kissogram - My Friend Is A Seahorse (James Priestley & Dan Berkson's Barlz E Syntho Remix) [defDrive]



Bekay 11-Jan-08 12:08pm

Ben Kelly - Minimal / Tech house mix
Hey guys,

Here's my latest mix which showcases yet another style of music I'm digging right now with some super fresh tunes (the promos landed just yesterday) & one or two slightly older numbers.

I hope you enjoy this mix


Track listing:

1)Poxymusic - Warpaint (Claude VonStroke remix)
2) Simone Mora - Tequila Boom Boom
3) Jona, Nutownprojekt - Ashes & Dust
4) Shlomi Aber - Sekur
5) Donk Boys - Okdesuka
6) Kaliber - Is this for love? (Paulo Bolognesi remix)
7) Leon, Greenbeam - No Legal (Jeik remix)
8 ) Par Grindvik - Casio
9) Robbie - The Joint (Luca Bacchetti remix)
10) Butch - On the line (Oxia remix)
11) Jamie Anderson - Jack your body
12) Monte Luke, Tasho - Paranoid
13) Tanzmann & Stefanik - Them people (Daniel Stefanik fremix)
13b) Slome Aber - Freakside
14) Steve Lawler - Horses for courses
15) Tiger Stripes - Survivor
16) The Martin Bros - Tricky Disco (Thizzy Disco remix)
17) Mark Knight & D. Ramirez -System
18 ) Mecanique - Meta (D.Ramirez & kristoph edit)
19) Brothers Bud - Yap Yap (Vito & Escobar remix)
20) John Acquaviva, A2Z, Zenker - Swimming with Sharks (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
21) Tocadisco - Morumbi
22) Mark Mendez - Beneath you

Funkedub 11-Jan-08 01:02pm

Mother Fukking Bass
thread needs more heavyweight beats n bass :ahoy:

here's my latest (but far from greatest) mixup ... a quick slice of bottom heavy tomfoolery

Here's the link for the mix

Here's the tracklisting:

The Others - Fun House
Caspa - Ohh R Ya
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Hoodz - Haile Sellasie I
CNM - Wind it Up
Dub Child - Lethal Riddim
El B - Big Movement
Joker - The Bop
Tes La Rok - Gunshot (Juju Remix)
Bug, The Feat. Killa.P & Flow Dan - Skeng (Kode 9 remix)
Juju - Half Ounce (Tes La Rok Remix)
RSD - Kingfish
RSD - Pretty Bright Light
MRK1 - Bones
The Others - Light up Your Spliff
The Bush Chemists - Light up Your Spliff

careful .. there's rude words in it :-O

Music_Pirate 12-Jan-08 10:19am

My first attempt at Prog-House, a quick 40 minute set..would be great to get some feedback :)


01. Federico Franchi - Cream
02. Hard Fi - Suburban Knights (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
03. John Dahlback - Everywhere (D.O.N.S Remix)
04. Noel Sinner - Pull over (Original Mix)
05. Deadmau5 - Not Exactly
06. Dubfire - RoadKill (Original Mix)

A link to the mix can be found here



mrephedrine 13-Jan-08 02:03am

DJ Ephex - New World Trancelation
Hey guys, Ive been a little slack of late, but I do have a new trance mix for download :)

Title: New World Trancelation
Length: 64:24
Bitrate: 256 kbps


1] Vira - Fractured Existence (John Huijbers Remix)
2] AnR Ft. Mel O'Shea - Only One (MST Remix)
3] Fragma - Deeper (Duderstadt Uplifting Dub Mix)
4] Mike Koglin Ft. Beatrice - On My Way (Adam Nickey 2007 Remix)
5] Soliquid - Music Is For the Rich People (Sunny Lax Remix)
6] Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastion Brandt Remix)
7] Armin Van Buuren - Rush Hour (No Intro Edit)
8] Alan M - Famicom (Temple 1 Remix)
9] Rene Ablaze - REady to Start (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix)
10] Thomas Bronzwaer - Constellation (John O'Callaghan Remix)


As always, you can hear me LIVE EVERY Tues night 7 - 9pm AEST on!!!!

Bumpy 14-Jan-08 01:33pm

Here's my latest recorded mix.
Just me grabbing some new tracks I got the other day, couple of them I'd never played before.

Warning the sound quality is not very good and the highs get a bit screechy so i recommend turning your speakers/headphones down before listening

1.) Nick Coleman - Faces of Meth (Chardy Remix)
2.) Silent Breed - Sync In (Popof Remix)
3.) RPO - Australia (RPO Part 1)
4.) Glenn Morrison - Contact (Original)
5.) Glenn Morrison - Circles (Original)
6.) Pryda - Genesis (Original) [Vinyl]
7.) Shena - Electrosexual (Aston Shuffle Mix)
8.) David Vendetta Feat. Rachel Starr (Arno Cost Remix)
9.) Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium remix)
10.) Bag Raiders - Nil by Mouth (reprise)

11-january-2008 mp3.mp3 - 44.19MB

The mix into Genesis isn't in time very well because it was on Vinyl and while i was riding the pitch and trying to mix it the phone rang..

loungetastic 16-Jan-08 07:33pm

Here is my latest mix :)

* |1|Song For Djingis| John Dahlback
* |2|Beyond the Shadows (Moonbeam remix)| Lens
* |3|Pepe Garden (Original Mix)| Jaytech
* |4|Electric Sheep (Original Mix)| Signalrunners
* |5|Further Instructions (Other Mix)| Leon Boiler
* |6|Perfect (Jerome Isma-Ae Mix)| Markus Schulz & Dauby
* |7|Songless (Club Mix)| Lange
* |8|Cause You Know (Nic Chagall Remix)| Markus Schulz Feat. Departure
* |9|Taurine (Dub Mix)| Tek-Ne Feat. Catherine
* |10|Shift Of The Ages (Hydroid Remix)| Galen Behr Vs Hydroid
* |11|Hollow Hope (Lee Haslam Remix)| Reconceal
* |12|Amnesia (Vardrans Amnesiac Remix)| Nitrous Oxide
* |13|White Russian (Rafael Frost Remix)| Street Punk


dj_barty 16-Jan-08 10:52pm

Here is my latest mix fresh off the decks, first attempt on a Funky Soulful House Mix, Very Happy with the result.


01. Outlines - Just A Lil’ Lovin (Original Mix)
02. Rihanna - Dont Stop The Music (The Wideboys Mix)
03. Daddys Groove feat. Coleman - Rendez Vous (Daddys Club Mix)
04. Janet Gabriel - Fight (Central Avenue Mix)
05. Axwell feat. Max'C - I Found U (Classic Mix)
06. Craig Obey - Music In My Mind (Soul Avengerz Remix)
07. M And S Present Starvue - Let The Music Spill (Soul Avengerz Remix)
08. Dan Saenz And Ron Reeser - Promises (DJ Dlg Mix)
09. Soulcast Feat Indian Princess - Someone Like Me (Soul Avangerz Remix)
10. Nuff Orchestra Featuring LAD - Black Mamba
11. Super Mal - Bigger Bigger (Jupiter Ace Remix)
12. Denis The Menace Vs. Nomad - Time To Give You Devotion
13. The Bitch Hotel - Do U Wanna Dance (Rivaz Funk Remix)
14. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around (Wookie Remix)



DJ_TMC 20-Jan-08 11:52pm

DJ TMC Promotional Mixtape 2007 (Dec) R&B Mix
This is a mix I made late last year, I've given it out to many clubs and hope it sounds up to scratch. Let me know what yall think :)

pemoo 22-Jan-08 09:05am

This was recorded on sunday 20th jan and is one of my best sets yet in terms of recording quality. Its definitely upbeat techno built from melodic appreciated, hope you enjoy!

Silverlining – Falko Brocksieper
Mispent Years (Silicone Soul Darkroom Dub) – Schatrax
Smoke – M1
Diesel Shower – Angel Anx
Artefact (Noir’s re-edit mix) – Ale Avila
Bamboo (Format B remix) – Rainer Weichhold
Blueberry (Blueberry remix 1) – Delsyd 25, Simone Tavazzi
Breeze (Luca Bacchetti remix) – I-Rob
Swedish Silver (Paco Osuna remix) – Adam Beyer
Enter the Drum – Audiojack
Work Me (Maetrik remix) – Bumpin’ Ugly
Naco – Simon and Shaker
Past Days (Presslaboys remix) – Bradler, Hurtig
Tribute to Kitman – Sourcecode, Al Keegan

LittleJohn2010 27-Jan-08 02:12am

Happy mix, 95-2003 Happyhard
Here is the link for the tracklisting and the mix:

Hope you enjoy.

seen006 27-Jan-08 05:35pm

my mix..
if u want a mix of tech, Progressive trance and house.. here is the link for just that

hope yall like

kybak 29-Jan-08 12:42am

whole lotta deep house
hey guys, this is my most recent cd, made about a month ago, just been really lazy in getting it up on here, had a few good reports form friends so thought i might see what you guys though

feed back would be great

genre - deep chunky house, real san Francisco sounding (think mark farina)

the cd was made using

2 x 1200's
serato scratch live,
behringer vmx 300

track listing

01- ben watt - old soul ft baby blak
02- the little men - deep squeek
03 - toka project - the people
04 - jake childs - goin down
05 - toka project - what i know
06 - ella fitzgerald - slap that bass
07 - inland knights - sometimes
08 - toka project - back for more
09 - toka project - i've got these beats
10 - toka project - give me my soul
11 - urban soul - whatever makes you happy ( soulworks remix)
12 - ben watt - lone cat ( dennis ferrer & steve martinez special re-rub)
13 - toka project - used to dub you
14 - ben watt - pop a cap in yo' ass (ft estelle - dubstramental)

richcur 29-Jan-08 05:23pm

Two part February mix is uploaded... techy prog on both discs but a little more peaktime with the live disc. Hope you all enjoy, and lemme know if you want CD versions mailed

Mixed on Xone92/CDJ1000mkii/KP3

Disc 1 PROMO (Right Click and Save)

FILE "c:\{RichCurtis} Feb 08 Rant Promo.mp3" MP3
TITLE "AB Project - Misconceptions (Soliquid Walking On Clouds Remix)"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "Opus Ink - Darkroombbot (Sasse Elkatornix Remix)"
INDEX 01 06:54:52
TITLE "Pryda - Odyssey"
INDEX 01 13:47:41
TITLE "Justus Kohncke - Advance (Prins Thomas Diskotek Mix) "
INDEX 01 15:37:02
TITLE "Motorcitysoul - Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix)"
INDEX 01 23:16:52
TITLE "Karim Haas - Inside Me (Abel the Kid & Raul Ortiz Remix)"
INDEX 01 27:44:33
TITLE "Kris Menace - Steamroller"
INDEX 01 31:02:57
TITLE "Sebastian Ingrosso & Laidback Luke - Chaa Chaa"
INDEX 01 33:46:41
TITLE "Tocadisco - Morumbi"
INDEX 01 40:07:37
TITLE "Chris Micali vs The Luxembourg Brothers - Body Yo (Dub Mix)"
INDEX 01 43:39:56
TITLE "Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix)"
INDEX 01 47:41:48
TITLE "Haveck - Break Other (Bruno Renno Remix)"
INDEX 01 54:14:59
TITLE "Sasha - Mongoose"
INDEX 01 57:46:37
TITLE "Gutterstylz & Rolasoul - Lost (Dub Mix)"
INDEX 01 64:57:27
TITLE "Avilo - Reach"
INDEX 01 70:15:02
TITLE "Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Audiofly Remix)"
INDEX 01 74:31:72

Disc 2 LIVE (Right Click and Save)

FILE "c:\{RichCurtis} Feb 08 Rant Live.mp3" MP3
TITLE "Olav Basoski - Geiger"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE "LeRon & Yves Eaux - Welcome to the Real World"
INDEX 01 02:28:39
TITLE "Unknown - Unknown"
INDEX 01 04:29:69
TITLE "Oxia - Lost Memory"
INDEX 01 11:04:42
TITLE "Bastards of Funk - Analog Fetishes"
INDEX 01 14:21:64
TITLE "Audionova & Electrobios - Pacific"
INDEX 01 18:24:55
TITLE "Sebastian Ingrosso & Laidbake Luke - Chaa Chaa"
INDEX 01 22:57:47
TITLE "Bs As Deep - The Last Angel (StereoK Remix)"
INDEX 01 28:46:53
TITLE "Belocca - What You Do (Snake Sedrick Remix)"
INDEX 01 34:05:31
TITLE "Deadset - Tick Tock (Jesse Rose Remix)"
INDEX 01 39:01:32
TITLE "In-n-Out - Barcelona-Ibiza"
INDEX 01 42:49:10
TITLE "King Unique - Yohkoh (KU Dub)"
INDEX 01 46:52:03
TITLE "Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix)"
INDEX 01 51:23:59
TITLE "Faithless - A Kind of Peace (LO5 Remix)"
INDEX 01 54:24:41
TITLE "Supadelics - Puppet Strings (Gorge & Greg Silver Remix)"
INDEX 01 58:10:34
TITLE "Oliver Moldan - Rise & Fall (RIP Christian Remix)"
INDEX 01 60:10:69
TITLE "MOS - Turquesa"
INDEX 01 64:11:60
TITLE "Furry Nipples - Viggo (Martin H Remix)"
INDEX 01 69:50:42
TITLE "Tarmo Vanna - Topaz (Federico Epis Remix)"
INDEX 01 76:29:60

littlebrains69 29-Jan-08 06:08pm

Here's a new one I've just done, although obviously not all tracks are new. Just a nice and short mix to get myself away from electro house. (28mb)

Dr. Kucho! - Lies to yourself
Yves Larock - Rise Up (Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero Remix)
Michael Gray Feat Steve Edwards - Somewhere beyond
Emanuel, McCall & Jamesie Feat. Rita Campbell - In this silence
Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Salem Al Fakir - It's true
Carl Kennedy Feat. Roachford - Ride the storm

crazy_tripper 04-Feb-08 08:26pm

did up a new mix the other day.. midtempo hip hop and breaks type stuff

gussigan - feb promo

bombs mash up (i forget the name)
featurecast - chuck berry
qdup foundation - renegades revenge
neighbour - bro chant
rephrase - since 1939
freestylers - here we go (plump's mix)
thunderheist - bubble gum (wicked lester remix)
deekline and ed solo - wamp wamp
waks traks - masterpiece
all good funk alliance - super jam (flow dynamics remix)
war - galaxy (plump's remix)
waks traks - strut
slack breakers - brooklyn funk (grand def audio remix)
nine lives the cat - la roc

B-River 05-Feb-08 12:53am

just downloaded richcur's first mix... solid as! and started of with one of my favourite pryda tracks so well done. downloading your newer mixes now.

richcur 05-Feb-08 10:15am

^^Good stuff!! Yeh Odyssey is without doubt my fav Pryda track from 2007 :)

Blu-Dome 05-Feb-08 08:59pm 54:38m 192kbps using traktor

here is a dark prog set i made a few months back that i finally got around to posting. techno elements to it also. posted in local too but really keen to hear what you think.

Tracks are awesome- sven weber_bassman is chunky as, and plastic angel_try walking in my world, takes me somewhere else...

think i finally got a set with real depth. hope you enjoy

1. Oliver Moldan - Bitter Sweet

2. Sven Weber - Bassman (chris counts access mix)

3. Wash & Coutre - Capes & Knives (Oliver Moldan Remix)

4. Oliver Moldan, Prawler - Club 69 (Jim Rivers Mix)

5. Plastic Angel - Try Walking in My World

6. Guy J - Been Here Before (Dub Mix)

7. Oliver Moldan - Black Souls

8. Shiloh - Dream On (Luke Chable Remix)

DJ Hejira 09-Feb-08 02:12pm

The affliction of Penumbra is mix i have composed using Industrial Electronica,
featuring elements of Breakbeat, Ambient, Techno, Expirimental, Noise, Technoid, & Metal, ranging from 100bpm to 180bpm.
No cue sheet will be made for this mix as this would ruin the idea behind it.

01. Kattoo - Grind Piano
02. Kattoo - Somber Happening
03. Nebulo - Darkopale (Ginormous Mix)
04. Twinkle - Ton Style
05. Twinkle - Tu Es Perdu
06. Synapscape - Octal Complexion
07. Moctan - Just A Trip
08. Synapscape - Alice
09. Synapscape - Krautsmaschine
10. Drumcorps - Grainbeast
11. Nebulo - Wen
12. Nebulo - Automnal
13. Synapscape - 10 seconds
14. Hybrid - Hooligan Spirit
15. Nebulo - Nebula
16. Drumcorps - Grist

Download Penumbra here

Alternate download host

This mix & previous mixes are all available on my
new archive page found here: hejiramixes.blogspot

enjoy ;)

ambivalent 10-Feb-08 09:46am

This is a deep techno/tech house mix with some of my favourite listening tunes of late. Bit of a combination of some older and newer tracks. Should be enough in there for most palates.

01. Pako & Frederik - Maroon Balloon [Global Underground]
02. Eyerer & Chopstick - Haunting (Gui Boratto Remix) [Session Delux Recordings]
03. Dusty Kid - Luna [Bpitch Control]
04. David K - Intimacy [Supplement Facts]
05. Duoteque - Lola [Boxer Recordings]
06. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra - Kisses (Over Temperature Vocal Mix) [Get Physical Music]
07. Chaim - Cosa Nostra [Supplement Facts]
08. Jim Rivers - I Go Deep [Saw Recordings]
09. Steve Bug - Wet [Poker Flat]
10. H.O.S.H & Solomun - Sonnenbrand [Diynamic]
11. M.A.N.D.Y - Sunsetpeople (M.A.N.D.Y’s Latenightflight to Monza Mix) [Get Physical Music]
12. Solomun - Danny From the Block (Remute Remix) [Diynamic]
13. Oxia, Gino’s & Snake Plissken - Seven (Oxia Rework Mix) [Notorious Electro Records]
14. Agnes - Controversial Advantages (Ripperton’s Game Game Set & Match Remix) [Resopal Red]
15. Elektrochemie - Caiti [Get Physical Music]

55:42 127.49Mb

Hope you enjoy.

Feedback / Bookings welcome


erre 11-Feb-08 05:48pm

Hey, two new mixes from the Likewise Crew , one deeper warmupier, and one dancier.

Feedback is as always much appreciated.

Why not join our Facebook group too?


Le Pov & St. Erik - Warming Sunset

1. Timo Garcia & Ricky Stone - Driving Olivia
2. Ito & Star - Sudoko Kid (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
3. Groove Armada - Love Sweet Sound (Nic Fanculli Remix)
4. Bergen - Higher Than High
5. Riley Reinhold - Lights In My Eyes (Patrice Baumel Mokum Remix)
6. Kaliber feat. Elodie - Is This For Love [Nic Fanciulli Reverse Remix]
7. Onionz - Woman Of The Sun (Bryan Zentz Disruptor Dub)
8. Nikola Gala - Espionage (Airbus Modular Remix)
9, Underworld - Play Pig (Buick Project Mix 1)
10. Martin Eyerer & Stephan Hinz - Tucan (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
11. Dave Spoon - Sunrise
12. Axwell - I Found U (Dubfire Summer Of Luv Mix)
13. Cue feat. Bingo Cache - Dancin

St. Erik & Le Pov - Driver Reviver

1. Monkz - Space Dizko (Add2Basket Remix)
2. Add2basket - Miss the word
3. Freza & DJ Flash - Cosmo Girl (Ricky Ryan Edit)
4. Holmes Ives feat. Avalon Frost - 8 Letters (Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden Skunk Funk Mix)
5. 16 Bit Lolitas - The Damage (Ricky Ryan Edit)
6. Matt Samuels - French Air (Ricky Ryan Edit)
7. Paolo Mojo - JMJ
8. Pryda - Genesis
9. John Dahlback - Hustle Up
10. John Dahlback - Watch Me
11. Claes Rosen - Jiggle
12. Michel De Hey vs Grooveyard - Compound (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
13. Dave Robertson - Discodee (Ricky Ryan Edit)
14. Nature Wakes - Wake Up The Sun (Andro Mix)

Kenith Copeland 12-Feb-08 11:33am


Originally Posted by DjReal
New mix from me, first one in about 3-4 months now. I'm pretty happy with it.

approx 55mb and 60mins.

1. Mark Farina - Radio (Phil Weeks Dub)
2. John Larner - 2 Cool 2 Dub
3. Tommy Largo - Robbin & Stealin (Hawleys Criminal Mix)
4. Digital Minds - Funk From My Trunk
5. Vernon & DaCosta - Fat and Curious
6. DJ Timothee & Smart Dog - The Paper Is Not Cry
7. Western Union - Around The West
8. Pound Boys - Be With You
9. Tommy Largo - Robbin & Stealin
10. DJ Fluid Pres. Omega - Keep On (Chuck Love Top Coast Remix)
11. LadyBug Mecca - Dogg Starr (HOdges Junction Remix)
12. Hustlin Blow - Life Has Changed
13. Western Union - Who Ya Gonna Call?
14. Joey Youngman - My First Love

Hope you all enjoy

so finally got around to listenin to your mix, its a style that touches bass with me, started off great with teh mark farina - radio track ( one of my fav's ) the western union around the world track was suprisingly good, the mixing was pretty spot on, an when the "who you gonna call" track came on i pissed myself laughin, absolute classic, ahahah, its glad to see not everyone out there takes things so sreiously, i've got that song playing now, its a little gem,
overall i really enjoyed it,
in teh process of getting your afternoon sessions one now,
cant wait to hear it
keep em commin

MarcP 17-Feb-08 03:20pm

here's a mix i made last wk..would really apreciate if you guys had a listen and let me know what you think :)


Kenny Hawkes,David Parr & Skat – Nightlife (Kenny Hawkes & David Parr mix)
Dave Robertson – Cutting Down
Satoshi Tomiie – Solar Wind (Luca Bacchetti mix)
Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate – 2 Face
Christian Viviano – Dark Girl
Ricardo Ferri & Alen Sforzina – Zora
Shlomi Aber – Sekur
Moonbeam – Spring Story
Rainer Weichold – Bamboo (Format B mix)
System 7 – Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space mix)
Workidz – Washmachine
Fergie – Anon
Perfect Stranger & Pera – Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam mix)
Mark Mendes – Another Level

DjReal 17-Feb-08 09:44pm


Originally Posted by Kenith Copeland
so finally got around to listenin to your mix, its a style that touches bass with me, started off great with teh mark farina - radio track ( one of my fav's ) the western union around the world track was suprisingly good, the mixing was pretty spot on, an when the "who you gonna call" track came on i pissed myself laughin, absolute classic, ahahah, its glad to see not everyone out there takes things so sreiously, i've got that song playing now, its a little gem,
overall i really enjoyed it,
in teh process of getting your afternoon sessions one now,
cant wait to hear it
keep em commin

Cheers mate, i'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've got another mix roughly 2hrs long that was recorded live at Alhambra in Brisbane a few weeks ago.

DjReal Live @ Therapy- Barsoma,Brisbane

approx 150mb and 2hrs in length.

Thanks to Dru K for recording this for me and Ollie for hosting it on phm.

This was recorded last night at a deep house night in Brisbane, Therapy @ Barsoma.

Thanks to the Therapy crew for having me down too!

1 - buck naked - stressed the fuck out
2 - olivier desmet - disco dust
3 - ricardo rae - be bop
4 - vernon & dacosta - fat & curiuos
5 - western union - around the west
6 - pushing boundaries - keep it goin (ricardo rae remix)
7 - mario fabriani - attack of the disco bubbles
8 - zhane - hey mr dj (random soul bootleg)
9 - dj fluid pres. omega - keep on
10- terminator x - boogie that be
11- the lemon pesterer - make it
12- bryan jones - baby fever
13- tommy largo - i need sum
14- mike jules - pop muzik
15- baxendale - i built this city
16- maverick renegade - bust a what?
17- green velvet - shake & pop (dj sneak remix)
18- dj timothee & smart dog - the paper is not cry
19- pound boys - be with u
20- dj homewrecker - step daddy (mastik soul's step up dub)
21- chuck daniels - state to state
22- chris harris & dominic martin - da sound
23- mark farina - radio (phil weeks dub)
24- digital minds - funk from my trunk
25- chris harris & dominic martin - sneakerz

Afro thunder 17-Feb-08 10:17pm

Think this will be my first post in this thread. Didn't realise it existed til just now! Valentunes day mix i did, requiring feedback / criticism! ^___^

TYX <-- click to DL

01. Armin Van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned with Desire (Rising Star mix)
02. Mr. Sam - Lyteo (Rank 1 remix)
03. Humate - Love Simulation (Blank & Jones remix)
04. Hampshire & Nysse feat. Nikita - Eternal Voices (Airwave's Revenge mix)
05. Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved (Club mix)
06. Altitude - Tears in the Rain
07. Micro de Govia - Final Emotion
08. Blank & Jones - Desire
09. Marcos - Just for a Day
10. Eden Project - Open Your Mind (Vocal mix)
11. Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again
12. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (Rising Star mix)

Cheers (ps. am not interested in advice such as 'don't play trance' :P )

DJ Insight 18-Feb-08 01:47pm

DJ Insight - Aural Pleasure
The best in Full-on Psytrance to date - DOWNLOAD HERE


01] Bliss - Dirty Boy
02] Mekkanikka - Side Effect
03] Mekkanikka - On Your Knees
04] Oforia - Cyber Hiker (Insomnia Remx)
05] Oforia - Arcadia (Oforia's Deca Mix)
06] Ananda Shake - Disco Dancer
07] Ananda Shake - Final Effet
08] Dynamic vs CPU - Scream
09] Dynamic - Acid Beat
10] Gataka vs Aquatica - Higher Level
11] Gataka - From Zero To Hero
12] Mahamudra - Technodrom
13] Mahamudra - Tough Cookie

Enjoy... DJ Insight

clashthediskokids 21-Feb-08 07:35pm

Greetings people, checkout our mix

for streaming
for download
alternate download

Clash The Disko Kids - There Will Be Noise Mixtape Tracklistings
01 DJ Inquisitive - Introducing Clash The Disko Kids
02 Refused - New Noise
03 Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan Durr Durrr Durrrr Re-Edit)
04 Bag Raiders - Fun Punch (Whitenoise Remix)
05 Fil Ok - Wink Wink (Blende Remix)
06 D.I.M - Is You (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix)
07 Dilemn - Ghetto Town
08 Boys Noize - Frau feat. I-Robots
09 Vitalic - The 30000 Feet Club
10 Vitalic - La Rock
11 Boys Noize - & Down (Siriusmo vs Boys Noize Remix)
12 Just A Band - Aarghh!!
13 Like Woah! - Oh I Like (Whitenoise Remix)
14 Lιonard de Lιonard - Elephantizer (Facteur Remix)
15 Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge (Alex Gopher Retaliation Remix)
16 Steve Aoki & Junkie XL - 1967 Poem
17 Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation (will be up soon)

twistedbydesign 24-Feb-08 11:16am

smash the disco did it better

DJ G-Spot 24-Feb-08 12:18pm


Originally Posted by Nick Vidal
my latest promo - deep soulful house us house

equipment - vestax pmc cx, serato, cmx 3000, stanton effects thing

lovin' the vibe mate...this is dope!:rock:

so these are my contributions to this thread. in singapore, apart from playing out live, i used to submit mixes to one of the local radio stations there called Lush. before I left I made these two half-hour mixes for them which will be aired on the 8th of March.

the first one's got a bit more of a latin feel to it:

My Beat - SUMO Rebounce
Ease Your Mind - Joosika
Rosa Nova - Hanna Hais (Sax in Rio Dub)
Samba Latina - MOD pres. The Latin Tribe
Felicidade - Richard Les Crees

the second one's a bit more soul house:

Hold On To Me - Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke
Back 2 U - DJ Spinna ft. Selan
Get Over Here - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo
Sugar - Roy Ayers

lemme know what youses think...

inditisipity 01-Mar-08 09:06am

Minimal/Tech House/Deep House/Techno etc etc etcccccccccccccccc.

Numinal Spech 002: Mixed by Alex Ward

1. Joseph capriati - pac man
2. Luca bacchetti - trust
3. Luke Dzierzek - Lickit (TG remix)
4. Alex Young & Artech - Minimalesk
5. M.A.N.D.Y. - Put Put Put (Tobi Neumann remix)
6. Piemont - Sick Certificate
7. Sebastian roya - en efectivo
8. The Pack - Vans
9. Namito - city of gods (oxia remix)
10. Super flu - brink
11. Mark Mendes - Big Trouble
12. Robbie - the joint (luca bacchetti remix)
13. Luke Dzierzek - Identity (King Unique remix)
14. Alex Kenji - 2ma (hauswerks & gaz james remix)
15. Sasha - who killed sparky
16. Mark mendes - beneath you
17. Steve Lawler - Violet (Livio & Roby Black Sea Coast mix)
18. Roger Martinez and Funkuz - Instigate




Happy Listening Y'all!

PaoloPanella 02-Mar-08 11:47pm

Paolo Panella - February Mix - Whos Nicked the F***** Light Bulb? (Dark & Rolling)
Last months offering...

A dark trippy mix that slowly teases its way into a wider space

Hope you enjoy. (Right Click and 'Save Target As...' to d/load)
(approx 122mb -192kbps -1:27:13)

1. Redshape - Steam
2. JPLS - Activatroy
3. Pan-Pot - Crank
4. LOD - Dataflow - Mikael Stavostrand Remix
5. Dan Berkson & James What - Mescaline Circus
6. Satoshi Tomiie - Solar Wind (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
7. Minilogue - Ghost
8. Bermuda - Galaxy Race - Future Beat Investigators Remix
9. John Tejada - And many more
10. Kama and Mac Gregor - Inside (Pig & Dan Remix)
11. Gregor Tresher - Running systems
12. Prompt - Evolve
13. Ozgur Can - 84 Shots
14. Huntemann - 37
15. Alex Young, Artech - Minimalesk
16. Kid Dub - Tetris

mofunk 06-Mar-08 01:04am

Dj Mo'funk - Hip To House Life Of The Party
Whats up ITMers?

Moe here, see below!

Just uploaded my new 3 hour mix "Hip To House - Life Of The Party"

I made it as a little farewell as ill be leaving Australia for a good year or so to make my mark somewhere else, seems djing in Sydney isnt the be all and end all for some

So anyways here is a rundown of the mix and below is the link to download it!

comment me and let us know what u think!

This is a special 3 hour mix showcasing the many tastes and flavours of Australia's Dj Mo'funk. Blending nearly 140 tunes into this essential epic party mix, expect to hear sounds spanning funk, disco, hip hop, soul, rnb, breaks, 80's jams, deep-funky & tech house and some unexpected gems!

Using TORQ Dj Software, 2 turntables and a mixer, this mix is an essential part of your next house party, get together, summer time cruise, or just cruising the streets. Moe is embarking on a new chapter in his career as he is set to leave his home of Sydney Australia to take on Asia, the US, Europe and the Summer season in Ibiza. For all Dj bookings please contact:


TRACKLIST: (deep breath...)

Prince Joint 2 joint
O.C. Special
Cody Chesnutt Batman vs. Blackman
Jamie Lidell A Little Bit More
Kanye West Breathe In Breathe Out (inst)
Nikka Costa like a feather
Angie Stone My Man (inst)
Lil Kim crush on you (inst)
Mobb Deep Throw Ya Hands (inst)
Downsyde the sooner the better
DJ Quik Dollaz & Sense (Inst)
Too Short Blow The Whistle
Mr Oizo Clumsy meets Flat Beat
Extended Spirit Siding
Lily Allen Vs J Kwon Make You Smile meets Tipsy
Stevie Wonder Vs Clipse Grindin (beat) - Superstitious
BBQ Band hard to get around
Jay-Z Vs David Guetta Can I Get a meets Love Dont let me Go (beat) & Juicy (beat)
Busta Rhymes I Love My Chick (ft Kelis & (Instrumental)
Outkast Bowtie (Feat. Sleepy Brown & Jazze Pha)
A Tribe Called Quest Check The Rhyme (inst)
The Notorious B.I.G Vs Funkytown Call Me Big Stuff meets Big Poppa (acc)
DJ Quik quiks groove V (inst)
Bill Withers Lovely Day (Full Phatt Remix)
Mark Walton.. Fretless Got It Like - Promo Copy
Outkast Happy Valentine's Day
Skee-Lo I Wish (Old School Dub)
Party Breaks - AV8 When your from the old school - Buffalo Gals flava
George Michael Too Funky(wicked mix)
Lenny Kravitz Vs Lyrics Born Calling Out meets American Woman & Wall To Wall
Snoop Dogg Vs Phil Collins In the air tonight meets Drop it like its hot
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell beautiful
LL Cool J Ain't Nobody (Instrumental)
LL Cool J Ain't Nobody (Main)
LL Cool J around the way girl
Bobby Brown Every Little Step - Don't Be Cruel
M.I.M.S Vs Furious Five & Lil Jon This Is Why I'm Hot meets The Message & Get Low
Prince Get Off (extended remix)
Bootsy Collins Funky and You Know It ft. Shakedown
DJ Yoda Wheels
Justin Timberlake Floatin' ft. Charlie Wilson &
Craig David Fill Me In (Full Crew remix)
Robin Thicke Lost Without You (Oddisee re-edit)
Eric B & Rakim Vs New Order I Got Soul meets Listen to the voice of buddah
Party Breaks Gwen Macrae get up clap yo hands
Party Breaks buds - melle mel (inst)
George Clinton if anybody gets funked up its gonna be u
Party Breaks zhane george benson its a party
Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper (Disconet Edit)
Michael Jackson Can't let her get away
Michael Jackson In the closet
George Michael Fastlove
Kathy Diamond All Woman (Maurice Fulton rmx)
Aaliyah Got To Give It Up (feat. Slick Rick)
Black Eyed Peas Disco Club (Instrumental)
Black Eyed Peas Disco Club (Dirty)
Malente funk the rich
Mark Walton.. Fretless pass it around
Brothers Johnson aint we funkin now
De La Soul Keepin the Faith (Straight Pass DUB)
Deep Purple Vs Moby Bad To The Bodyrock
Brick Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
Classic Jam Party Time Warp Vol. 1
Dizzee Rascal Pussyole (Old Skool) (Instrumental)
Dizzee Rascal Pussyole (Old Skool) (Clean)
Kanye West & Dwele My Flashing Lights (Uptempo remix)
Beef Wellington Slightly Elevated (Pimp Daddy Nash rmx)
Shakedown Vs Pitbull At Night meets Pitbull – Moe’s fancy smanshy what nots
Doobie Brothers Short Train Runnin (Hype rub)
Coolio Vs Queen Anotherone Bites The Dust meets 1234 Sumthin New
Llorca all we ever have is now
Rhiann Benson (bugz in the attic rmx) say how i feel (bugz in the attic rmx)
Stevie B Rocksteady meets Steady Rockin' (Classic Mix)
Arethra Franklin Vs Tom Novy Jump to it - know body - Moe’s fancy smanshy what nots
D Train Music (Dub Version)
DJ Friction (Dublex Inc rmx) Soulsonic
Heavy D We Got Thing Smalltown RMX
Jamiroquai You Give Me Something
Kurtis Better than the real thing (Rephrase funk rmx)
Pimp Daddy Nash Its A Wonderful Life
Sleepy Brown Margarita (Instrumental)
Sleepy Brown ft. Big Boi & Pharrell Margarita
Pitbull Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera) (Instrumental)
Pitbull Vs Eddie Grant Culo meets Electric Avenue
Miami Sound Machine Vs Nina Sky & Pitbull Conga Shake
Santana Oye Como Va [Break]
Rick James Vs Beastie Boys SuperFreak meets Brass Monkey
Feature Cast Chuck Berry - shes superbad now!
Kena Say Goodbye to Love
Jamiroquai Planet Home
Chromeo Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse)
Chromeo Bonafied Lovin' (Tough Guys)
Llorca your free
Twista ft. Pharrell Vs Daft Punk Oh Yeah meets Give It Up Girl
Frankie Bones I Am Ready - Original Mix
Bar-Kays Freak Show On The Dance Floor
Phil Collins Sussudio
Phil Collins - dj solomon Sussudio (Baltimore Club booty)
David Guetta Love Is Gone (Baltimore booty)
Stardust vs Sizzahandz People Dont Dance No Mo' - Music Sounds Better With You
SOS Band baby we can do it
Michael Jackson PYT
Kanye West Good Life Transition
Kanye West ft. T-Pain GOOD LIFE meets PYT
Paul Johnson Vs Bucketheads Vs Gwen Macrae Get Up Clap Your Hands/Get Get Down
Crazy Penis Kicks - do you get your kicks from me?
Lamanex Pusstime
Nicolas Vautier Sala (Ralf Gum Beats)
Swirl People I Like the Nightlife, I Like to Boo - gie
The Lost Boys Do For Love - Samples DO FOR LOVE 2pac
Wally Callerio circus freaks
G Fields The Secret Weapon
The Lost Boys The Show - Bahamdia sample
Captain Comatose say c.c.
Mister Goodbar Auto Hack It
Mona Lisa Vs 1200 Warriors Dancin (1200 warriors NYC remix)
DJ Harr & The Revenge Sayin Nuthin
Fred Everything Vs. M.I.A. bucky done thing (dub)
The Superman Lovers Family Business
Martin Solveig Rejection (Extended version)
The Lost Boys No Love
Jay West Drink And Dance
aNyO Boom Boom Boom (Bobby and Klein remix)
Ricky Ricardo Naughty (n.a.u.g.h.t.y by nature)
The Littlemen Whats The Time
Unknown Track B - we gotta go on
Tommy Largo Come On (Julian Sanza Mix)
Argy Love Dose - Luciano Remix
Green Velvet LaLaLaLaLa feat Jamie Principle - Original Mix
Madox Plastic Fantastic (Riva Starr Chunky As Fuck Remix)

adammiller 06-Mar-08 05:28pm

First Demo...
Hi all, this is my first demo and keen to get feedback and work!
I wanted to make a smooth and layed with long transitions... The demo is a mix of house,electro and progressive...
Please give me some feedback!
I used 2 x pioneer cdj800 mkI and a vestax DXM09...

FILE NAME: dj adam miller - promo march.mp3

thank you

Oh and here is the track listing...
Shine On Me feat. Clarence - Nick Terranova & Austin Leeds Vocal Mix
Turning The Curve (Simon & Shaker Remix)
The Big Room - Dero & Montero Mix
Zero (Martin H Remix)
Jungle Boogie - Original Mix
Do It Proper - Justin Robertson Remix
Long Distance - Original Mix
Space Bird - Liquid Soul Remix
Just Another Groove - Tocadisco Remix
Greece 2000 - Original Mix
Greece 2000 - D.O.N.S. & DBN Remix
C'est La Vie - John Dahlback Remix

mauricee 07-Mar-08 06:44am


electromix 4

01 Micky Slim vs House of Pain - Jump Around (Stupid Fresh Remix)
02 Hijack - Shimmy
03 Escobar & Vito - On a Badman Trip (Micky Slim Remix)
04 T2 - Heartbroken (Filthy Rich Remix)
05 Cameo - Word Up (Stupid Fresh Remix)
06 Classixx - Cold Act Ill (Wolfgang Gartner Monster Mix)
07 Egor Boss - Superfreak(Miles Dyson Remix)
08 Felguk - Palmtree (Miles Dyson Remix)
09 John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto - Good
10 Kissy Sell Out - Get Busy Tropicana - THe Wham Remix
11 Dave AUde - Push That Thing 08
12 Workidz - Twisted
13 Joey Mazzola & Mike Balance - Chaak Treatment
14 Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Super Fresh 'Wizards in Oz mix')
15 Ed Kane & Will Bailey - Will & Eds Excellent Adventure
16 Moston And Malente - Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Remix)
17 Zoltan Kontes - Recycle This
18 Chris Lake & Deadmau5 - I Thought Inside Out
19 Aston SHuffle - For Everyone (Stupid Fresh Remix)
20 Ferry Corsten & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
21 King Amir - The Whistle
22 Crookers - Big Money Comin'
23 The Body Snatchers - Freaky Ho
24 Macca - Gangster
25 WOlfgang Gartner - FOr the Love of Girls
26 Super Style Deluxe - Meat Cake
27 Panty Dropper - WOrk This Mutha Out
28 Stupid Fresh - Get the FUck Up
29 Azzido Da Bass - Doomsday Night Remix

richcur 08-Mar-08 07:50pm

Tracklist from last nights session, mixed on Xone92 CDJ1000 KP3 & SoundbiteXL:

and a link

Sydney Blu - Give it Up for Me (Deadmau5 Remix)
Peter Horrevorts - Oorsprong
Velkro - Prophecy (Pig & Dan Remix)
Dubfunk - Mandala (Guy J Remix)
Sultan & Shepard - Eye Spy (Matthew Dekay Remix)
M1 - Karma
Ji-Fi - Twister (Kolombo Remix)
Egor Boss - Superfreak (Aaren San Remix)
Steve Mac & Mark Brown - Bells of Brighton (Popof Remix)
Sasha - Who Killed Sparky
Par Grindvik - Do Us Part (Len Faki Remix)
Tim le El - Body Movin (Inpetto Remix)
Andrew Technique - Everything
Sara Galli - Deep in You (Matteo Matteini Remix)
Mikel Curcio - Fixation
Jona - Manta
Jim Rivers - Brassed Off
Thomas Schwartz - Jupiter Calling
Mindskap - Sie (Sharp & Smooth Remix)
Oliver Twizt - Do the Monkey (Bart B More Remix)
Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick
Frankie Pep - Half the Problem
Mario Zar - Infrared (Steve Lawler Remix)
Pole Folder - In My Mind (2 Guys on a Rock Remix)
Soliquid - Music is for Rich People (Mat Zo Remix)
Roland Klinkenberg & DJ Remy - Detroit Track
Fergie - El Capitano
Junkie XL - More (Matthew Dekay Remix)

macc4 09-Mar-08 01:47am

macc4 feb08 mac in black
breaks baltimore baille electro mixed feb08 by macc4

definedbyrhythm 10-Mar-08 11:45am

Heres one i knocked up a few days ago

Defined By Rhythm - Marchin' Mix - March 2008

1. Ludovic Vendi - Magic Morning
2. Stephan Bodzin - Meteor
3. Dusty Kid - Attre
4. Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo (Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez Remix)
5. Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi - Albertino
6. Teflon - Wombat
7. Someone Else - Low Down Brittle (Wink's Profound Sound Interpretation)
8. Marc Antona - D-Day
9. Par Grindvik - Do Us Part (Len Faki Remix)
10. Namito - City of Gods
11. Gui Boratto - Matryoshka
12. Mike Monday - Zum Zum (Audiojack Remix)
13. Pig & Dan - Deliverance (Late Mix)
14. Fergie - The Larne Express
15. Martin Eyerer - Chorizo (Paul Nazca Remix)

djbrevil 12-Mar-08 05:22pm

I was asked to make this mix for a blog about two month's ago, it hasn't been posted yet so I thought I'd post it on ITM ... The usual dubby late night idjut disco action that I like to play.
pm me if you want a cd version as I have a few done ..Thanks go to George Sadlik (Junkbeats) for doing the mastering!!!!!! cheers and hope you enjoy the mix

1. Stranger.. Darker Days.... Stranger Music
2. Stranger..Figures On A Wall.... Grayhound
3. Icasol.. Give It Up (dub).... Pulver
4. Stranger Bay.. So Unneccessary.... Greyhound
5. The Good, The Bad.. Sister Mercy.... Hector Works
6. Idjut & Laj.. Z Man Gets Clubbed.... U-Star
7. Ray Mang w’ Foolish Felix.. Who Said Boogie....Eskimo
8. Force Of Nature..Unstoppable(Hotlips & Hawkeye rmx)...Headinghome
9. Corsican Bros..Whole Lotta Disco.... Mob Beats
10. Roundtree.. Hit On You(Idjut version)....Discfunction
11. Ray Mang... Reprise Edits... Noid
12. Stranger & Shortbus..Rush On ....Disjoint
13. Steve Kotey..So Cheeky....Bear Entertainment
14. 40 Thieves.. Yo Spaceship!.... Redux
15. Greg Wilson.. I Was A Teenage Dj pt1.... Teenage Dj
16. Tuffy.. Move Me.. DAE
17. Blackjoy.. La Stache..Yellow
18. Supra Allstars.. School I Out (redub).... Supra
19. Eric Rub reat Dynamax...Tribute To My People (bonus dub mix)..LDT
20. Popular Peoples Front..ILove Only You..PPF
21. Muttranger...Sacramento Shuffle..Sixty Five
22 The Swiss..Movements pt’s 1, 2 & 3.. TBOT (AUSSIE ) !!!!

"6am Wobbly mix part 2.mp3" (102.92 MB) 74min45secs

matthewbass 14-Mar-08 02:24pm

breaks mix
30min breaks mix..
nice size for chekin a noodle u never heard of : )

cut n run vs the streets - Blind ed
magnetic men - Arms length
deekline vs peter bjorn & john - Young ones
deekline vs sister nancy - Bam bam
? - Feel the chicken
aquasky & master blaster - Take it to the floor
adam freeland - We want your soul


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