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dementruck 16-Jul-15 11:12am

the one with the vics up his nose :lol:

DTrancer 16-Jul-15 11:46am

Lol'd very hard... photo album of the year

Baggies in the dunny pic :lol:

DuncanM 24-Jul-15 12:30pm

I just put in an order for a decent half rack, 50kg more weight plates and a plate storage rack. Aw. Yiss.

Does anyone in Sydney want some squat stands on the cheap? I bought them for $110 a few months ago, but I'll do them for $50.

KingWicked 24-Jul-15 01:11pm


DuncanM 24-Jul-15 07:05pm

Of the stands? I can send them to you tomorrow.

KingWicked 27-Jul-15 12:15pm

Well that is me out for 4-6 weeks! Fractured my fucking ankle yesterday. Very annoying indeed.

DuncanM 27-Jul-15 12:29pm


I guess you're probably not interested in squat stands any more then? If you are, they're the ones for sale here for $140:

Heal up fast anyway!

gotamangina 27-Jul-15 03:51pm

How good is Nandos.

Tobi 27-Jul-15 03:58pm

:( What did you do KW?

jdoodle 27-Jul-15 06:55pm


Originally Posted by gotamangina (Post 395550495)
How good is Nandos.


KingWicked 27-Jul-15 07:14pm


Originally Posted by Tobi (Post 395550496)
:( What did you do KW?

Misstepped and went into a pothole while carrying a small bookcase. Y'know, as you do.

SpaceMonkey 27-Jul-15 07:52pm

Teach you for reading, books are for idiots

KingWicked 29-Jul-15 10:20am

This is so true.

airconteka 04-Feb-16 12:11am

Lets get this party started!!

jdoodle 04-Feb-16 07:56am

well, if its going to be that kinda party, im going to stick my dick in the mashed potato

Derelict 04-Feb-16 05:37pm


pEAkeR_hAT 27-Jul-17 11:28pm

good lord

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