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midian 09-Mar-06 01:24pm

Post Your New Releases, Track Downloads, Webcasts & Podcasts Here!
Hi All,

It's great to see that there are so many track downloads and podcasts available for hardcore at the moment. With the industry rapidly moving away from vinyl and towards electronic mediums we’ll be seeing more and more as time goes on, which is fantastic for hardcore lovers as there will be more tunes to enjoy.

Rather than have a new thread every time someone has a new track for download, let’s keep them all in here purely so we have an easy to reference thread so those looking for new tunes or a podcast can come here and get the latest tracks hot off the mixing desk!


sketchell 09-Jul-06 05:58pm

NEW RELEASES. Please post tracks and podcasts here - no individual threads!
Born in Israel, Ron Bercovitch now calls Canada home. With various releases under his Electric Pulse and Solarium monikers, Ron has had his greatest success with his Summer Sessions alias. Slipstream is the latest production from this guise, a worthy follow-up to last years surprise hit Blossom. Slipstream is another delicious slice of euphoric trance that is receiving support from Above & Beyond and Ferry and has also made the latest Trancemaster compilation.

Musically, Slipstream is pure, unadulterated summer. A languid 30 second ambient intro floats along before a strong kick and crisp snare work appear to launch the track. There’s a warm feeling throughout, with a flourish of angelic synths playing off some quirky castanet sounds and clean percussive slides. The real magic occurs halfway through with the arrival of some truly beautiful plucked acoustic guitar strings joining in the fun.

E-TCR has come up with the goods once again, with another piece of pure uplifting trance that you won’t want to end. For a slightly more driving sound, check out the upfront Carl B mixes.

Listen to/buy this track at the ITM store

El Kranky 31-Mar-08 04:26pm

Post Your Track Downloads & Podcasts Here!
Mondays on (Hardcore & Freeform)

Hardcore/Freeform mixes played throughout the day and the following Live Shows:

6:00pm - 7:00pm Juzzy (Newcastle, Aust): Happy Hardcore
7:00pm - 8:00pm Rushnosh (Canberra, Aust): "Rush into Hardcore" - Happy Hardcore
8:00pm - 9:00pm Mutley (Brisbane, Aust): "Hardcore & Freeform Bliss" - Happy Hardcore & Freeform
9:00pm - 10:00pm Danny J (Melbourne, Aust): "Hardcore 4 Life" - Happy Hardcore & Gabber
10:00pm - 11:00pm Wrekmeistah (Brisbane, Aust): "Freeform for the Hardcore" - Happy Hardcore & Freeform

What you need to listen:
Winamp (PC), or
VLC Player (PC/Mac), or
Windows Media Player (PC) with the Orban AAC+ Plug-in, and
a high-speed internet connection

Simply go to:
Or to tune in directly go to:

Support free local underground internet radio!

divid3d 11-May-08 02:54am

sif mix happy hardcore with freeform. i like both but if i wanna listen to one, i don't particularly want to hear the other at the same time. translation: if there was a full hour of JUST freeform, i'd tune in.

El Kranky 12-May-08 10:41am


Originally Posted by divid3d
sif mix happy hardcore with freeform. i like both but if i wanna listen to one, i don't particularly want to hear the other at the same time. translation: if there was a full hour of JUST freeform, i'd tune in.

Its an indication of what you will hear, it doesn't necessarily mean they mix the two styles together... sometimes they play a straight happy hardcore set, sometimes freeform, and sometimes they mix them together. :meh:

Antzta 11-Oct-08 06:34am

How does one get invited to do a set?

DjScar 12-Oct-08 11:17am

nice one! will check it out

Sustained Records 28-Dec-08 10:30am

Sustained Records 002 OUT NOW!!! I:Gor: Obak / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
SSTD002 is in the shops now. It features 2 brutal tracks by I:Gor who has had releases on Deathchant, Suburban Trash, Low Res, Hangars Liquides, Strike, Pacemaker, M-tronic along with his own label ADHD Recordings. I:Gor built his reputation making hardcore but these tracks prove he is at the forefront of producers who are merging hardcore and drum n bass and pushing the sound into new boundaries.

SSTD002 is available from...

Red Eye Records
Chemical Records
Load Media
The Hardstore
Triple Vision

...and many more stores in due time.

The tracks will be available to buy on MP3 very soon

If this makes your ears happy check out SSTD001 by The Teknoist and Throttler

Peace and fucking

bioxeed 30-Mar-09 09:01am

Bioxeed - Security is a Superstition (BloodShed/SHED007)
Out now at the Hardstore

A1 Dessicant
A2 Aerial Assault
B1 End The Pain
B2 Security Breach (Darkcore Edit)

DjScar 08-Apr-09 12:04pm

'Hardcore Underground 3' (4 CD's) OUT NOW!
'Hardcore Underground 3' (4 CD's Mixed by Brisk & Ham, Marc Smith & Al Storm, Fracus & Stormtrooper, Darwin, CLSM & Nu Foundation)

Hey guy - just got this new album today and its totally wicked - so thought i would share! check out this one!!!

(quoted from f/b)

Today finally sees the greatly anticipated return of Hardcore's most exciting, critically acclaimed, and forward thinking compilation series. Back for a third instalment and with a glittering line up, Hardcore Underground 3 undoubtedly raises the bar to new heights. A balance between commercial appeal, underground credibility, top of the range music production and superb modern packaging is achieved; the results are astounding. The series continues to capture the exciting, cutting edge of a sound enjoying huge popularity at the moment, with DJ's Fracus, Darwin, Al Storm and Nu Foundation now joined by industry heavyweights Brisk & Ham, Marc Smith and CLSM.

Comprising of 4 CD's, 75 upfront Hardcore cuts covering a plethora of styles, and from a whole host of artists and labels around the globe, this is a "compilation" without comparison in the modern world. From the ashes of a tired industry driven by money and commercialisation, comes something truly exciting packed with originality, passion, and above all; quality.

Buy now online from a variety of stores at a credit-crunch friendly price (links below), or check out your local high street branch:




Disc 1: Brisk + Ham

01. Darwin - Connected
02. Force 10 feat. Marian Dacal - Taking Me Higher (Ruffage Remix)
03. Ham - Scream Your Heart Out
04. Clodhopper - Mystery
05. Jervis & Meat feat. Donna - The Dawn
06. DJ Wink - In a Spin (DJ Kurt Remix)
07. Darwin - Without Fear
08. VAGABOND feat. Wotsee & Tais - Love Can Be Real
09. Brisk & VAGABOND - My Obsession
10. Fracus & Sam Honey - What It Feels Like
11. Samba D feat. Ellie Jay - Two Of A Kind
12. Brisk & Stormtrooper - Moscow Mule
13. Darwin, Obie & Macca - Musical Endeavour
14. Brisk & VAGABOND - Get It On
15. Harry H - Here We Go
16. Brisk & Ham - F**k With My DJ
17. Al Twisted & JFX - Belgian Waffle (Al Twisted & Mikk Remix)
18. Brisk & VAGABOND - Club F**ker

Disc 2: Marc Smith + Al Storm

01. Marc Smith - Hardcore R U Ready
02. Al Storm feat. Amy - Surrender (VIP Mix)
03. Joey Riot & Obie - I Require Filth
04. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Danielle - Long Time (Cube::Hard Remix)
05. DJ Marc Smith - Can You Feel It
06. Seduction & Al Storm - The Beat Kicks (Al’s VIP Mix)
07. Darwin & Rampant feat. Ant Johnson - No More (Marc Smith & Gammer Remix)
08. Al Storm & Orbit1 - Twisty
09. Stormtrooper & Helical - Lime Code
10. Marc Smith & Al Storm - Can You Feel The Pace
11. Jamie Ritmen - Feel The Pulse
12. Ultravibes - We Are The Bass
13. Skinny & Bundy - Let's Get Dirty
14. Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music (Marc Smith & Al Storm's 'Live' Remix)
15. S3RL - Dealer
16. Al Storm & Euphony - Dirty Disko (Exclusive HU3 Album Mix)
17. Marc Smith & Darwin - 1 More Time (Exclusive HU3 Album VIP Mix)
18. Kutski & Al Storm - Grudge (Hardcore Mix)
19. Darwin & Obie - Kraze

Disc 3: Fracus + Stormtrooper

01. Darwin & Fracus feat. Ant Johnson - Last Forever (Cube::Hard Remix)
02. Deeper Territory - Calm Me Down
03. DeadBeats - The Condition
04. Fracus - Gettin' Rolled Out
05. Stormtrooper & Druid - Electrofied (DJ Kurt Remix)
06. Barley - Rock The Beat
07. Flyin' & Sparky feat. Charm - You Mean The World To Me
08. Fracus & Sam Honey - Every Word You Say
09. Darwin - Kickin' Stuff
10. GEOS Crew - Living The Dream
11. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper - Stick 'Em (Ethos Remix)
12. Silver & The Acolyte - Smack! (Orbit1 Remix)
13. Al Storm - Bustin' Jamz
14. Clodhopper & Sc@r - Subsonic
15. Brisk & Stormtrooper - Insomniak 2008
16. Robbie Long & Stormtrooper - Nastytime (Stormtrooper Remix)
17. D-Lyte & Orbit1 - Jibber Jabber
18. Entity & Darwin - Moving Over
19. Petruccio & Modulate - R U Ready?
20. Ephexis & Solution - Pressure Point

Disc 4: Darwin + CLSM + Nu Foundation

01. CLSM - Pressure Rush
02. Cube::Hard - In The Moment
03. Kid Alaska - Lost Direction (Darwin Remix)
04. Entity - Stargazer (Reese Remix)
05. CLSM & Entity - Rudloe (Cold War City)
06. Nu Foundation - Wizzy
07. Darwin & Entity feat. Ant Johnson - Given A Vision
08. Dionne - Different Place
09. Helikaon & Erik De Grijze feat. Ephexis - Exploder
10. Cube::Hard & Chwhynny - Out Of The Light, Into The Fire
11. Joshka - Cascading Emotions 2008
12. Slippery Disco - Feeling Hi'
13. Michael Mansion - Lift Me Up (Nu Foundation Remix)
14. Phenex feat. Le Kat - Angels In My Head
15. In-Effect & Buzzy - Exicute
16. Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Darwin Remix)
17. Wink - Spaced (Al Storm Remix)
18. Nu Foundation - Take Me Over

Lee Michaels 27-Sep-09 02:50pm

DEFQON 1 Australia 2009 Anthem
Zany - Maximum Force

SurfFM 01-Oct-09 03:14am

Calling All Djs

I'm coming to from a radio station in Jersey (UK), we're a new online radio station and we're looking for DJs from all over the globe so please don't be shy check out the website and get in touch if you're interested in getting involved!

Tune in today as it's Heaven's Lounge!!

Look forward to hearing from you,

LittleJohn2010 04-Oct-09 01:15pm

Techno Round The World on dancetransmission
Tune into my show 2nite 8pm-10pm Sydney time. I'll have special guest DJ Marki Mark and we will be playing some nu skool and old skool happy hard.

dyLABs 05-Oct-09 10:56am

old hardcore radio mixes
chilling FM 1994-95

hallucinoJENic 08-Oct-09 04:39pm

what type of hardcore?

Krimed_Recordings 08-Dec-09 06:14am

Orbit 1 Remix Finally Released On " Krimed_recordings"
Hey Guys , just to let you all know that krime ft lynsey davies ( orbit1 remix ) is now availiable on IMO @ JUNO Download, its been a while for this slammer to come out but it will deffo do justice on the dancefloor!! pulse racing hands in the air hardcore smasher!!!!

www . imodownload. com /track/ 21124

also grab the original if you havent done yet! + other releases @

http : // www .imodownload . com /Krimed-Recordings

cheers guys

For "EVEN" more forthcoming tracks visit

http : // www . myspace . com / uvebeenkrimed


milohhc 05-Feb-10 10:25am

Project 00 - Free UK Hardcore MP3 Label
Project 00 is a new, free mp3 label out of North America. Please check out to snag the tunes!

0001: Orbit1 & Milo Bounce
0002: Orbit1 & Milo Groove 2 Da Beat

Make sure you subscribe through Facebook/Twitter/YouTube to get all the latest info!

Thanks for the support!
Much <3

Aryx 22-Feb-10 11:41pm

**ReBuild Music Worldwide Freeform 2CD FULL INFO & BUY!!**
Probabbly the best Freeform release in 2010!
For clips and additional info see the link below.


01. Alek Szhala - Astraia
02. Freestyle - The Sleeper
03. Ponder - Alignment
04. Aryx - Chaldea
05. Phyton - Heroes Of War
06. Jnks - Type O'Negative
07. Grimsoul - Enchanted Mind
08. Sam One - Need For Beat
09. Gammer - 34m
10. A.B - Tekno1


01. Devastate - Mood Music (Oli G remix)
02. Sam One & Horzi - Macropsia
03. Endemic - Lunar Energy
04. Rampant & Transcend - Stimulant
05. Voycey & Douglas - Surface Of The Sun
06. Alex Sash - Transmission
07. Cyrez - Raver's Legacy
08. Ephexis - Sick Seduction
09. Lost Soul - Warlock
10. Firefly - Secret Passageway

bioxeed 22-Apr-10 07:00am


Originally Posted by Fracture4
bloodshed unlimited 008 - sei2ure & bioxeed - engines for industrial applications - 4 track ep coming soon... you have been warned!


milohhc 01-May-10 08:29am

PROJECT 00 #3 Milo - P4Y 4773N710N out now on FREE DOWNLOAD!!!
PROJECT 00 #3 Milo - P4Y 4773N710N out now on FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

kevin energy 06-May-10 01:32am

Kevin Energy - Hardcore Energy Digital Album
Hardcore Energy Released On I Tunes Now!

22 raw and exclusive huge slices of Hardcore Energy mixed, chopped and scratched to perfection by the legendary Kevin Energy.

Full DJ Mix plus ALL full legnth track downloads

Released at all good download stores now: limited edition CD copies at&nbsp;&nbsp;

Hardcore Energy is an absolute must for any Hardcore and Freeform fan!.

This is a digital album but a limited exclusive CD run of the mix is available through the hardbeatsdownload store. The download of the album includes all track singles. The track singles are also available to buy separately.

Buy Now!
Buy Hardcore Energy at: ITunes / / / / and all other large download stores.

Hardcore Energy T-Shirts!A limited run of Hardcore Energy T-Shirts are for saleHERE

Full Track List:

1 Kevin Energy and Nick 235 feat Rhona 'Release The Fear' (Exclusive Intro
2 Kevin Energy, Voycey and Douglas 'Twisted Minds'
3 Kevin Energy and Eryk Orpheus 'Ooo naa nee naa noo' (Exclusive Album Mix)
4 Kevin Energy 'Freeform Will Never Die' (Original Underground Mix)
5 A.B and Amplitude 'Thinking Machine' (The Dubstep Machine Edit)
6 Kevin Energy and the Ultimate Raver 'Hardcore Toccata'
7 Douglas 'Send Me'
8 RX featuring Jolea 'My Serenity' (Endemic Remix)
9 Solution and Ephexis 'Requiem' (album edit)
10 Eryk Orpheus 'Purist V8'
11 DJ Entity 'Stargazer' (Kevin Energy Remix Exclusive Edit)
12 Ephexis and Kevin Energy 'The Tunnel'
13 Kevin Energy and A.B 'F*ckin Rockin It' (Exclusive Album Mix)
14 S3RL 'Line Of Blow'
15 S3RL feat The Millionaires 'Martini's &amp; Mixed Feelings'
16 Kevin Energy feat MC Static 'Paranoid'
17 Little Fella 'Ent No Stoppin This'
18 Kevin Energy and S3RL 'My Transition'
19 Kevin Energy and Gammer 'This Is The Place' (Kevin Energy Remix)
20 A.B 'Coming Up' (Kevin Energy Hard Remix)
21 Impact 'Sound System Banga'
22 Joey Riot and Kevin Energy 'The Number Of The Beast'&nbsp;

Click Here for 2 FREE Kevin Energy track downloads

Click Here to keep up with all things Kevin Energy and NEC

happyhard 06-May-10 09:00pm

hey i've been waiting for Kevin NRG releases for a while now. thanks for that

Hazelg23 15-May-10 05:27pm

Well, comprising of 4 CD's, 75 upfront Hardcore cuts covering a plethora of styles, and from a whole host of artists and labels around the globe.

Mothballz 02-Sep-10 10:06pm

Mothball Z - Punk Arse Bitch EP [2010] (FREE DOWNLOAD)
[NTR040] Mothball Z - Punk Arse Bitch (2010)

Mothball Z returns to Night Terror Recordings to serve you Punk Arse Bitches with his 3rd EP! This time round, MBZ is taking you back to the old-school with 5 superbly-crafted tracks of hip-hop influenced breakcore that is so original and fresh sounding it needs a genre description of it's own!

1. South West MF Sydney
2. Fuck What A Punk Bitch Think
3. Zombie
4. Eat My Funky Ballz
5. Corey 808


Download link:

lsdj311 03-Sep-10 03:09pm

LVL3 D&B Show on DIRT LAB AUDIO.....

New home, same 24/7 'ardcore music...........:rock:

bioxeed 04-Sep-10 09:13am

shit so that was actually live when I was listening last night

DjScar 07-Sep-10 11:29pm

Hi guys,

Just to let you all know that Obsession by Sc@r & Uplift is out now. You can get your copy by heading over to

Obsession sees a return to a familiar sound for Raw Elements with lush breakdowns, dark, savage lead lines and huge beats. Has been tried and tested on the dancefloor and works every time. Also available from Trackitdown, IMO Download, Hard Beats Download and coming soon from Serious Sounds.

This latest release has had extensive support from many artists around the globe including Kutski on Radio1, Luna C from Knite force, Haze from Australia and Milo in America just to name a few.

Don't forget our coming releases for September and October:

ELEM028 SPIT Disco Bitch / Soulfly
ELEM029 JTS & Sc@r I Will Find You
ELEM030 Uplift & Sc@r Your Destiny (Orig & Intro Mixes)

Go to for clips and samples of our forthcoming matieral

and releases from : Luna C, Miss Special K, Chaos, Pinnacle, Fastraxx and Greg Peaks

Cheers all , feel free to check out the new website as well


Hard Beats HQ 08-Sep-10 10:20pm

Brand New Endemic EP - Out Now On Nu Energy!

Hey all.

Keeping things fresh this week at Hardbeats Download we have – you guessed it – another exclusive. This won’t be available at any other digital outlet for at least 2 – 3 weeks, so it’s well worth having a look, not least because it’s a huge tune from the kings of all things underground – Nu Energy Records. And of course, Hardbeats Download is the only place that can offer you – and the entire Nu Energy Records back catalogue, on CD single. All CD singles are professionally printed and come with a Hardbeats Download cardboard protective sleeve.

NUNRG082 - The Endemic EP!

1. My Serenity (Endemic Remix)
2. Hometown
3. Whispers

The fearsome foursome are back to wreak havoc once again across the Nu Energy Records’ release schedule! Coming in this time with 3 MASSIVE freeform anthems, this EP showcase what Endemic are all about – deep and pure trance, warm pulsating basslines and twisted FX all tinged with a retro-freeform flavour. Up first is the boys’ huge take on Rx’s spine-tingling “My Serenity” which has seen big support across the whole NEC fraternity. Gritty reese rumblings juxtaposed with angelic vocals = a tune that f*cking smashes any dancefloor lucky enough towitness it. Backing up this monster are the cheeky “Hometown” with its instantly recognizable vocal hook, and the haunting “Whispers” with its instantly recognizable synth lead! Big!

Grab The Release Here.....

Hard Beats HQ 18-Sep-10 12:06am

Kevin Energy & A.B - Sin 4 Me - Out Now!

It’s Friday at Hardbeats Download and that can only mean on thing – it’ time for another Relentless Energy exclusive! A brand new label from the Nu Energy Collective – HBD’s official partner – Relentless Energy has been smashing out the releases weekly since it’s conception! HBD is the only place to grab this great label on CD single and is the only place to get all the releases in stock first; other download stores won’t have this single for at least a month!

Relentless Energy 008:

Kevin Energy & A.B - Sin 4 Me

As well as offering up the classics of years gone by this imprint will provide the anthems of the future! Rolling in at release number 8 is a brand new track between the NEC bossman Kevin Energy and his number 1in charge of all things NEC, A.B. Taking on a classic Hybrid trance/breaks piece and reworking it into a freeform monster without a cheesy preset trance riff in sight, this is another booming offering from Relentless Energy.

Grab the release here!

Hard Beats HQ 22-Sep-10 10:55pm

Atomic Orbital Remixes - Out Now: Exclusive To HBD

HARDBEATS DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVE ALERT! This week sees possibly our biggest exclusive to date land on the HBD virtual shelves. We are very privileged to get our hands on the enormous Atomic Orbital remixes: Kevin Energy, Fracus, Darwin, Endemic – all on one massive EP. This won’t be available anywhere else for at least 3 weeks. Pick it up now on MP3 or on exclusive CD single…..

NUNRG083 - The Atomic Orbital Remixes!

1. Atomic Orbital (Kevin Energy Feat. 2Ls Remix)
2. Atomic Orbital (Endemic Remix)
3. Atomic Orbital (Fracus & Darwin's Progressive Remix)

At last it’s here – the EP you’ve all been waiting for. One of the best selling Nu Energy Records of all time and a seminal moment in Freeform history, played out to 1000s of ravers across the ages and appreciated by all, now gets some full on remix treatment courtesy of some of the scene’s most unique musical pioneers. Atomic Orbital – Mark Ashley & K-Complex’s masterpiece - is not the kind of track that can be easily reworked, and so with all 3 remixes, love, care & respect to the legacy of the original has been undertaken. Offering up a raved-up rollercoaster of a remix, NEC head man Kevin Energy & his partner in crime Allan “2Ls” McGrath serve up the first slice of a future anthem. Endemic are next, stamping their unmistakeable chunky production values onto a driving underground re-lick of the original. Plus one of the most influential duo of recent times in Hardcore, Fracus & Darwin, take the track in a techy direction with a progressive mix that leaves the dancefloor screaming for more. Do EPs get any bigger than this?! Not likely…..

Grab The Release Here.....

Hard Beats HQ 24-Sep-10 10:26pm

Darts - Brave New World – Out Now @ HBD!

We’ve got that Friday feeling once again here at the Hardbeats Download offices and so our exclusive onslaught continues as partner label Relentless Energy let us get our hands on another hot track! As always the ONLY place to grab this top tune is at HBD – other stores won’t have at for at least 3 weeks! Plus you can get it on CD single only at Hardbeats Download, period. Check it out below….

Relentless Energy 009:

Darts Feat. Nova - Brave New World

With the vocal talents of Nova cutting through alongside that all familiar swelling chord sequence, you know this is one extraordinary release for Relentless Energy. Mooch Records boss Darts is the man behind this enormous take on the classic “Brave New World” which has been erupting raves all over the gaff. A seriously fat release!

Grab the release here!

Hard Beats HQ 29-Sep-10 09:37pm

Kevin Energy & Nick 235 EP Out Now! Inc. Technikore Remix!

Hardbeats Download is the official store of the Nu Energy Collective and as such gets exclusive releases from their in-house labels. Today sees a massive offering from the Relentless Digital stables from scene-legend Kevin Energy & newcomer Nick 235. The release also features a big remix from Raverbaby artist Technikore! This EP will not be out on general release for a month and Hardbeats Download will be the only stockist EVER of the release on CD single!

RLNTDIGI069: Kevin Energy & Nick 235 EP!

Famed for discovering new talent, the NEC’s rave imprint – Relentless Digital - has struck gold here as it brings Nick 235 to the fore. With a prominent musical background and a talent for penning fresh sounding anthems, Nick’s début EP fittingly is a huge hook up with the most established NEC member of all – the boss man himself, Kevin Energy. Predictably, the results are outstanding! Nick’s long-time vocalist Rhona exercises her stunning vocal chords on the anthemic Release The Fear, which also sees a massive mainfloor remix courtesy of Raver Baby artist Technikore. Plus Nick and Kevin let loose on the frenetic Rave Hard – an upfront party track that gets the crowd rocking with no trouble! Another massive release from the Relentless Digital stables!

Click below to listen!

Release The Fear (Original DJ Friendly Mix)
Rave Hard
Release The Fear (Technikore Remix)

Click here to grab the release!

Hard Beats HQ 02-Oct-10 01:33am

Imitation Of Life - Mark Ashley & K-Complex - OUT NOW!

Friday Exclusive Alert! Relentless Energy’s 10th biggun hits HBD on 100% exclusive CD single and on MP3 weeks ahead of its official release date. Hardbeats Download is the number one place to buy exclusive Hardcore & Freeform! Not only that, we will soon be supporting WAV downloads with our version 2 software. Check out what’s on offer this Friday and follow the link to the store!

Relentless Energy 010:

Mark Ashley & K-Complex - Imitation Of Life

Twisted pulsing pounding beats and bass can only mean one thing – freeform duo Mark Ashley and K-Complex are at the helm and the destination is dirtsville. This aint for the feint of heart – kicking around the NEC vaults for a while we felt it was time to unleash thisbeast - and where better to do it than on Relentless Energy? A freeform rollercoaster of a track designed for those who like to keep it pure.

Grab the release here!

Hard Beats HQ 06-Oct-10 10:27pm

HBD Exclusives - Auscore, Darwin, Donna Grassie + More!

Hardbeats Download comes at ya with not one, but two amazing exclusives to kick start the week. As more and more labels sell on CD single we are fast becoming the only download store to offer you a professionally printed tangible counterpart to the sea of MP3s out there. This week you can grab exclusive Cutting Edge Hardcore and Relentless Digital products on CD….PLUS the Relentless release won’t be available anywhere else on download for at least 3 weeks. Check out both tracks below!

RLNTDIGI070: Here Comes The Sun EP!

Banging straight in as Relentless Digital’s landmark 70th release is this mighty fine slab of UK Hardcore vocal cheese! Darwin’s remix of Here Comes The Sun has been doing the rounds in the raves and setting the place off every time! It is utterly dripping with the cheese factor– but in a good way – with it’s sing-along vocals and super-happy riffs! For those that are allergic to cheddar but can’t get enough ofDonna Grassie’s silky smooth vocals check out Karl Future’s more seriously uplifting remix. Plus Simon Perry’s original offering also features completing another solid Relentless Digital effort.

Click below to listen!

Donna Grassie & Simon Perry - Here Comes The Sun

Darwin Remix
Karl Future Remix
Original Mix

Click here to grab the release!

CED001: The Auscore EP

The omnipresent Auscore was the first artist unleashed on CuttingEdgeHardcore. So here we are with our first CD EP release featuring four amazing tracks from down under that have been rocking dancefloorsacross the Globe!

Auscore & Brondogs - CuttingEdge Anthem
Auscore Ft. Kim Louise - Waiting
Auscore Ft. MC Age-O - Time For Lift Off
Auscore & Skeptikz - Double The Dragon

Click here to grab the release!

Hard Beats HQ 16-Oct-10 12:57am

Get A Free Mooch Records Track From HBD!


Mooch are back with another batch of guaranteed dancefloor slammers, this time taking on classic tracks by the one and only DJ Stompy!

First up and Happy Hardcore anthem "This Is The Night" (Ravin Mad, Bonkers 6) gets the full on peak time, mainfloor remix treatment from Darts. Crammed with maximum energy and classic crowd pleasing vocals this one is ready to bring your dancefloor to life - big time!

Next, "This Is The Night" gets another makeover and newcomer DJ Fix provides the bounce, following up from his debut release on the last Mooch EP by firmly putting his own stamp on this vocal anthem. Oldskool meets Nuskool with stomping kicks, phat-ass bass and a powerful injection of Trance - check it out!

Next up and Darts weighs in with a remix of a hidden gem from Stompy's Unreleased Material - "Feel It". Crossing over influences from mainfloor UK Hardcore with the driving energy of Freeform, lush pads and epic riffage make this another one not to miss!


Sash! - Mysterious Times (Darts Remix)

Further proof that Hardbeats Download is your number one choice for Hardcore downloads - we're giving away this exclusive bonus track to HBD customers who get the Mooch DJ Stompy Remixes EP! One of the biggest commercial Trance anthems ever gets the Hardcore treatment - say no more - massive!

Check out for more giveaways and a cheeky game of Pacman!

Hard Beats HQ 20-Oct-10 10:39pm

Ooo Na Ne Na Noo + Douglas Remix / Freak Out - OUT NOW!

Fresh from their last massive release, Nu Energy Records are back with another exclusive EP only available through Hardbeats Download. This will not hit other stores for a few weeks, and HBD will be the only stockist EVER to offer you the release on full colour printed CD single. Check out what’s on offer this time around below:

NUNRG084 - The Kevin Energy & Eryk Orpheus EP.

1. Ooo Na Ne Na Noo
2. Freak Out
3. Ooo Na Ne Na Noo (Douglas Remix)

84 releases in and we slow no signs of slowing down as the number one freeform label on the planet smashes out another massive 3 tracker digital EP. Eryk Orpheus teams up with label boss Kevin Energy to ramp up the fun factor with Ooo Na Ne Na Noo (the best track title EVER!), a rave-tastic slab of acid pumping, euphoric freeform that keeps the crowds entertained and the DJs hot on crossfader duties with its wicked edits. Flipside and Eryk and Kevin take a classic Youtube clip and work a monstrously hard and dirty track around the sample – big stuff! Plus man of the moment Douglas turns in one of the best remixes we at NEC headquarters have ever heard; haunting vocals, spine-chilling atmosphere throughout and the biggest bassline in the world – this one f*cks clubs up everywhere! Massssssive EP!

Grab The Release Here.....

Hard Beats HQ 22-Oct-10 10:54pm

Hot New Releases Out Today
Latest Hardcore

Relentless Energy - Sharkey - LotekWhere can we begin to describe this track?! One of the classic Sharkey pieces from Nu Energy’s history gets brought right up-to-date and reworked to be one of the most twisted, pulsing, driving bits of acid-laden freeform around courtesy of the musical mind of head Camel-man Oli G. Beautifully produced, of course, and with some insane edits, tunes don’t get much bigger than this. Absolutely banging.

Track 1: Lotek (Oli G Remix)

Buy As CD Single

Australia With Force - Influx

Australia with Force is back, with release number 46, featuring 3 new thunderous mixes of classic label productions by Influx; Influx's final Hardcore EP.

Influx has stepped into the studio to produce his final Australia with Force, and ultimately his final Hardcore EP.. The EP is very divergent, "Automatic 2010" is more up-beat and happy, "Carnevil 2010" is dark and menacing, and "Downunder Underground 2010" is very straight forward, hard and distorted.

It is a shame to farewell Influx from Hardcore, being a close friend with him even before Australia with Force, but without doubt his high standard of production ability coupled with his great networking and social skills - he will succeed in his future musical ventures. All the best. Starstruck.

Stay tuned for the next release, AWF 047 - The Starsruck EP... Australia with Force counts on your support. All revenues made go back into the label to forward it and to provide you with the best music we can offer. Please support Australian hardcore and do the right thing - buy the track, it means the world to us.

Keep it Australian, Keep it Hardcore.

Track 1: Automatic 2010

Track 2: Carnevil 2010

Track 3: Downunder Underground 2010

Fundamental Hardcore - Auscore MelloDee - Mad World

Auscore and (Debuting Artist) MelloDee have teamed up to bring the global rave community an early Christmas pressie! With another massive stomper that will give any hardcore junkie that fix that they crave! Its straight up another dose of Emo-Core but delivers with its moving vocal and melodic lead. Please enjoy!

Track 1: Mad World

dj-tank 25-Oct-10 12:40am

Clubscape New Release: 25/10/10. Kevin Instinct & Tank - Do You Like It Dirty.
Clubscape New Release: 25/10/10
Dirty, Filthy Hardcore at its very best....
IMO Download MP3 - Kevin Instinct & Tank - Do You Like It Dirty - Clubscape Records.

Check it out people this ones a corker

Hard Beats HQ 26-Oct-10 01:12am

SynthWulf - New EP Out Now On Nu Energy!

MONDAY EXCLUSIVE ALERT! Nu Energy Records hit us hard with a massive EP that won’t be available on general release for another week! If you want this promo then visit Hardbeats Downloadnow! It’s available on download but also on full colour CD single – we are the only stockists of Nu Energy Records on this format! See the track details below:

NUNRG085 - The SynthWulf EP.

1. Maelstrom
2. Star Ocean
3. God's Fist
4. Valkyrie (Feat Leslie)

SynthWulf returns to grace the NEC with another Nu Energy Records spectacular – 4 awesome cuts of the finest underground freeform produced by the melodious master like only he knows how. Still pumping out a sound that’s second to none and utterly distinguishable &unique from anything else out there, the USA superstar offers up the uplifting through the majestic Maelstrom, the epic through the magnificent Star Ocean, the deep, driving and underground through God’s Fist and the downright stomping through Valkyrie. What a welcome return for the Wulfman to Nu Energy Records…..

Grab The Release Here.....

Hard Beats HQ 28-Oct-10 01:38am

Dealer (Stylecore Mix) - Free Track Courtesy Of Hardbeats Download!

Courtesy of Hardbeats Download – the number one download store for Hardcore and Hard Dance MP3s – is a free exclusive, previously–unreleased, NEW track brought to you by Relentless Digital! S3RL has reworked his almighty rave hit “Dealer” exclusively for HBD and given it a tougher edge, incorporating some hard-hitting Hardstyle percussion into an already monstrous arrangement. This track is totally fresh and is being given away for FREE!

All you need to do is to add the track to your cart, and purchase any other item from the store. Once checked out the track will appear in your download area! It’s that simple!

Check out the track here and follow the link to grab your freebie!

djnaidar 31-Oct-10 01:03pm

online hardcore stream on tuesday night
Gday all,

I've been streaming online hardcore sets now for the last few months, and just wanted to let post a thread to bring a little more awareness to it.

I'll be playing all the latest and greatest dutch, spannish and italian hardcore tunes on on tuesday night from 6:30 - 8:30 EST.

So if ya love ya hardcore, pop by. Lots of new vinyl this week! :)

Hard Beats HQ 04-Nov-10 03:46am

Flame, K-Complex, Louise Davies – Allure: OUT NOW!
Flame, K-Complex, Louise Davies – Allure: OUT NOW!

Hardbeats Download is proud to offer you this release EXCLUSIVELY on MP3 download for one month and EXCLUSIVELY on CD single forever. No other store offers the most amount of exclusive freeform & hardcore material.We’ve also got a free track deal going on – follow the link and add to your cart when making your order to receive a free tune!

Relentless Energy 013:

Flame - Allure

DJ Flame teams up with newcomer Louise Davies on this vocal anthem that gets the ravers rushing every time. The riff on this is a proper reach-for-the-ceiling moment, coupled with beautiful vocals and killer production courtesy of the mighty K-Complex. A quick-fire D&B section breaks things up nicely alongside some pumping pianos. Great tune!

Grab the release here!

Hard Beats HQ 05-Nov-10 04:48am

Ultimate Worldwide Freeform CD - Pre-order Now!

The NEC and ReBuild Present:

‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’

22 Full Length Tracks / 2 x Free Mixes

Release Date: Monday November 22nd:

Price £12.99 plus shipping.

Behind the scenes of the main floor raves, a tectonic shift has been occurring… the underground sound of Hardcore music has been evolving and steadily gaining momentum. A momentum backed by an array of Worldwide talent coming into its own. 2010’s Freeform hardcore music is standing tall and loud for all to hear.

The ‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’ double CD album offers you 22 hot and exclusive full length tracks from the key artists behind this movement - Artists not afraid to tread new ground and offer up exciting and fresh new sounds.


ReBuild Disc

The ReBuild CD features the cream of the ReBuild artists offering a selection that spans the BPM’s and energy levels into oblivion.

01. Grimsoul - Turn On The Heat
02. Alek Száhala - Ascend To The Stars
03. Creative Synergy - Beware Of My Trance (Ponder Remix)
04. Mozz & Thumpa - Techno Control
05. Aryx - Aurora
06. DJ Noriken - Lucia
07. Sam One - Break The Rules
08. Voycey & Douglas - Surface Of The Sun (Peaks & Pinnacle Remix)
09. Nomad - Lose It
10. Betwixt & Between - Inexistenz
11. Peaks & Pinnacle - Dynamo Cookie (Douglas Remix)

Disc clip -
Individual clips –

Nu Energy Collective Disc

The Nu Energy Collective CD sees all the key NEC artists combining to cover their hard hitting fast tempo styles and emerging new talent.

01. Douglas Feat. Rhona - FM-220
02. Kevin Energy Feat. E-Zero - Acid Nova
03. Endemic - Hurricane
04. Eryk Orpheus - Empty
05. Kevin Energy & A.B - Piranha
06. Endemic & Lost Soul - Voice Of The Eclipse
07. A.B & SynthWulf - The Cleansing
08. Amplitude & A.B - Toxic
09. S3RL & SynthWulf - I Am The DJ
10. Nick 235 & Solution Feat. Rhona - Augmented Reality
11. Lost Soul - Zombie With A Chainsaw (Little Fella Remix)

Disc clip -
Individual clips -

This spine tingling selection of raw energy and relentless beats will not be released in any other format whatsoever. This is a collectable limited edition run of CD’s made with love & features full colour artwork. If you would like to get your hands on the juicy tracks you’ll need to pre order one now. All purchases come with a free download link to 2 mixes: A ReBuild mix by Thumpa and an NEC mix by A.B.

Dalatvietnamhotel 10-Nov-10 01:20pm

‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’ is very interesting. Do you try to play???????

Hard Beats HQ 10-Nov-10 11:38pm


Originally Posted by Dalatvietnamhotel (Post 394086722)
‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’ is very interesting. Do you try to play???????

Sorry - don't quite understand - do we try to play what?

Hard Beats HQ 10-Nov-10 11:39pm

New S3RL / Auscore / JessKah EP Out Now!

Hardbeats Download are proud to announce the arrival of another hot exclusive courtesy of worldwide superstar S3RL! Out now on Relentless Digital this latest offering has seen support from Hixxy and features 2 huge vocal anthems & a driving chip-tune inspired Auscore collaboration. Big stuff!


The mighty S3RL returns to Relentless Digital with another storming 3tracker carved out in his inimitable style. Kicking off the proceedings with a vocal smash feat. long-time vocalist JessKah, “Every Time I Look At You” ramps the fun factor up through the roof and has been rippingup USA floors each time S3RL goes on tour (which is a LOT!). If cheese and vocals however ain’t your bag, then try something a little different as fellow down-under dude Auscore hooks up to produce the computer-game inspired “Green Hills” that’ll have nostalgic Megadrive fans digging out their old Sonic games! As well as igniting the ears ofretro gamers it does some serious damage on the dancefloor too! And finally S3RL and JessKah deliver the goods once again, appealing to cheese fans worldwide with the infectiously catchy “Sek-C Raver”!

Click below to listen!

Every time I Look At You
Green Hills
Sek-C Raver

Click here to grab the release!

Hard Beats HQ 19-Nov-10 11:43pm

Raver Raver Raver - Kurt Remix - Out Now!
Pumping you up with that Friday feeling here at Hardbeats Download we’ve got another hot off the press EXCLUSIVE download that can’t be bought anywhere else! Being the official store of the Nu Energy Collective all of their label’s releases arrive with us first and so this week we offer you the latest banging output from RELENTLESS ENERGY. As always – not only do we have this release in stock first,but we are the only store to EVER offer it on CD single. See the blurb below!

Relentless Energy 014:

EFM-7 - "Raver Raver Raver (Kurt Remix)

EFM-7’s huge Relentless anthem, Raver Raver Raver, gets the power-bounce treatment from the Lethal Theory boss man DJ Kurt. Full of energy and with a proper slamming Kurt style mid-section, this is the perfect balance between vocal feel-good euphoria and driving rave!Another solid Relentless Energy release!

Grab the release here!

Hard Beats HQ 25-Nov-10 02:16am

Kevin Energy Collaboration EP Part 1 Out Now!

BLAM! We come atcha with another exclusive track courtesy of our friends over at Nu Energy Records. Hardbeats Download will be the only stockist of this badboy EP for the next two weeks and is the only place to grab the EP on CD single. Check it out!

NUNRG086 - The Kevin Energy Collaboration EP 1

1. This Is The Place (Kevin Energy Remix)
2. Come & Get Me
3. Translate Replicate

Kevin Energy is back to rock Nu Energy Records with a mighty EP that has him hooking up on 3 huge collaborations that span the world of freeform! First up Kevin reworks his 2006 hit Gammer collab – “This Is The Place”, bringing it bang-up-to-date as we cruise towards 2011; with an unexpected riff twist and some hard-ass driving percussion this one has been smashing the roof off of both underground sweatboxes and superclubs alike! Next Kevin teams up with one of the most promising groups to have emerged in freeform in recent years – the Endemic boys – to bring together an absolutely chaotic rollercoaster of pure driving noisework in the form of “Come & Get Me”. And finally, completing this whopping Nu Energy offering is a team-up with Finland’s Rx for “Translate Replicate”, a merge of blissful melodies and sickening acidic synthwork. Truly an EP for only those who can handle firing underground freeform!

Grab The Release Here.....

Hard Beats HQ 01-Dec-10 04:16am

New A.B EP Out On Relentless Digital Now!

Hardbeats Download HQ brings to you another major exclusive that has seen some serious DJ support over the last few months. Courtesy of the NEC main rave label Relentless Digital we offer you this one on exclusive download two weeks before any other store will have it available & on 100% exclusive CD single – we are the only store to offer this service! Check out the release below!


Showcasing his ability to write different flavours of Hardcore with ease, A.B hits out on Relentless Digi with a big EP that’s seen worldwide support! First up comes “YODJ”, a firing freeform rollercoaster of a track that pays homage to Relentless’ roots with it’s drilling acid squelches, manic fills, ravey riffs, question and answer incidentals and uplifting breakdown! Phew! Next up A.B gets experimental with “BliP”, a tech-inspired bass-thumping signature sound that’s haunting middle break absolutely melts the crowd into an ecstatic mess of rushing ravers! Big tune! And finally completing the EP comes “OutBurst”, a no-nonsense trance monster purely designed to hook the dancelfoor in and get the crowd going crazy! Large EP!

Click below to listen!


Click here to grab the release!

pointedatstuff 10-Dec-10 12:00am

Title: Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Artist: Various Artists
Label: "No sleep till bedtime..."
Format: MP3
Release: Dec 15th 2010

Track listing:
1] Cap - Test In Progress
2] Ostoja - Show It And Run
3] Cepo - B & I
4] Lenox and Wyrus - Phantom Force



First track is Industrial hardcore, the other 3 are more schranz and hardtechno. Thought it may be of interest to some of you :thumb:

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