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robin78 22-Jun-16 12:56am

please add me, ta

Bracko 22-Jun-16 03:16pm

have sent an invite to the email attached to your ITM profile.

Mickstah 23-Jun-16 09:40pm


Originally Posted by NismoR31 (Post 395569113)
we're still shitposting on slack.
db has been culled already. i don't think anyone got a full copy of it all
do you mean :offchops: ? it's on slack. go there for more good times.

Good times are to be had all the timeā€¦ on Slack :thumb:

Bracko 24-Jun-16 01:10pm

done custaro.

Balthazar B 27-Jun-16 04:56pm

My invite should have been on my desk yesterday...

slackers !

Gruso 27-Jun-16 11:18pm

Invite sent to the email in your profile.

Mickstah 01-Jul-16 05:01pm

Posting to see CSS

borrisGLOWSTICK 02-Jul-16 06:00pm

I just wanted to post one last time before this site goes down the drain.

Au revoir ITM

Seamus Ryan 11-Jul-16 07:13pm

*Posting, quite possibly the last post ever?*

Carphead 11-Jul-16 11:21pm


Mickstah 12-Jul-16 08:58pm

Best forum upgrade yet!

Dr Rudi 13-Jul-16 03:00pm

Shame everything else is still boned.

Carphead 16-Jul-16 10:38pm

don't see the problem. you can post and that's all the matters.

Bracko 21-Jul-16 11:20am


so... who wants their postcount returned to zero?

gravyishot 21-Jul-16 11:07pm

me me me.

gravyishot 26-Jul-16 11:40am

what can we do about getting posts deleted?

Bracko 26-Jul-16 11:50am

nothing. ITM has never agreed to delete all of a users posts and we're not about to start.

gravyishot 26-Jul-16 01:36pm

so what happens to the db backend when the forum is completely shutdown?

Bracko 27-Jul-16 03:38pm

NFI. Maybe log a helpdesk call with Junkee to find out :bl:

gravyishot 29-Jul-16 12:06pm

i reckon being able to purge accounts would be good before the database with emails and other personal details ends up in the hands of who knows. ps junkee is now owned by ooh media.

Bracko 02-Aug-16 01:34pm

That's fine for you to say that. however the few admins left would need to delete millions of posts individually.

ain't happening.

quadrant6 29-Aug-16 03:48pm

Can I get in on the Slack party? email

Dr Rudi 30-Aug-16 03:56pm

We need a Jan Michael Vincent to Quadrant 6!

autumn acid 30-Nov-16 11:31am

I don't know why I even came back here, this is so depressing.

Carphead 03-Dec-16 08:40pm

I believe ITM will make a comeback These things happen in cycles.

WINGZ 04-Jan-17 02:23pm

Wow, I never thought this place would die.

Weinertron 07-Jan-17 03:55pm


Originally Posted by Carphead (Post 395569351)
I believe ITM will make a comeback These things happen in cycles.

Yo-yos - 5 year cycle
Techno - 8 year cycle
Flares - 20 year cycle
Hypercolour - ???
ITM - ???

alexmac 28-Feb-17 11:08pm

I was here

borrisGLOWSTICK 07-Mar-17 01:13am


DANCINGDI 07-Mar-17 08:11am


Originally Posted by alexmac (Post 395569505)
I was here

I still am. :)

AdamMadd 09-Mar-17 01:41pm

hey everyone. I've decided to revive the ozclubbers forums, with the idea that it will fill the vacuum the loss of the ITM forums. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thylacine42 04-Jan-18 01:52am


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