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Forum: inthemix newsroom 01-Apr-14, 01:05pm
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Posted By khas
Deadmau5: “Ban me and everyone else from playing ‘Animals’ and ‘Levels’”

Someone should tell him he can stop making commercial EDM crap if he wants to, nobody is telling him to.
Forum: inthemix newsroom 17-Feb-14, 12:15pm
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 31-Jan-14, 08:41am
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 24-Jan-14, 08:32am
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Posted By khas
Dillon Francis on the fine art of not taking yourself too seriously

"we%u2019ll our hands on get" mind-fucked the shit out of me
Forum: inthemix newsroom 09-Dec-13, 12:13pm
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Posted By khas
Where you’ll find your favourite DJs off-duty this summer

Even that wanker's response is oozing with pretense
Forum: inthemix newsroom 15-Nov-13, 10:21am
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 06-Nov-13, 01:56pm
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Posted By khas
Dada Life broke the ‘World's Biggest Pillow Fight’ record and yes, there's video

At least they're not resorting to throwing cake at people
Forum: inthemix newsroom 31-Oct-13, 01:59pm
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Posted By khas
Deadmau5′s new console sure does more than Beamz

Step 1. become world-famous producer/DJ
Step 2. release waste-of-time-and-money DJ gear
Step 3. profit
Forum: inthemix newsroom 11-Oct-13, 11:10am
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 01-Oct-13, 12:22pm
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Posted By khas
Azealia Banks scraps Disclosure collab with a casual 'f**k you'

I'm glad she mentions Yeezy because at the very least you can draw comparison in her arrogance.
Forum: inthemix newsroom 26-Sep-13, 12:53pm
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Posted By khas
Shore Thing's NYE 2013 line-up is here

At least we can be rest assured everyone elses NYE will go smoothly because all the fuckwits will be at Bondi
Forum: inthemix newsroom 24-Sep-13, 11:30am
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Posted By khas
ASOT's Ibiza closing party cancelled after "terrible accident"

^ Probably wanted some time off, he's evil like that
Forum: inthemix newsroom 13-Sep-13, 10:42am
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Posted By khas
Is Flo Rida's new DJ "technology" the worst thing ever? Deadmau5 thinks so

And he held aloft excalibur from the bosom of the water signifying by divine providence that he was the cringeworthiest douche in the fiefdom.
Forum: inthemix newsroom 26-Jun-13, 12:00pm
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 18-Apr-13, 08:29am
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Posted By khas
Chris Brown and rip off Arty and Mat Zo

Wowk, dude, c'mon. Listen again to the break in Rebound and listen to every part of this steaming pile of dog turds called Let's Go. When it's not trying to be Dutch hau5 it IS Rebound...
Forum: inthemix newsroom 15-Mar-13, 07:51am
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Posted By khas
Trance's new dream team: Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten form side-project

I <3 Ferry but the last 3 times he's come here he's played the same set. Being pushed by a b2b set will do him some good. I just wish it wasn't Farkus
Forum: inthemix newsroom 21-Dec-12, 10:53am
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Posted By khas
Ingrosso talks feud with "f*cking douchebag" DJ Sneak

^ completely overlooked his argument. D*ckhead
Forum: inthemix newsroom 03-Dec-12, 01:25pm
Replies: 4
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 15-Nov-12, 01:22pm
Replies: 12
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Posted By khas
Hardstyle fans melt down as Showtek collabs with Chris Brown

Relax with the butthurt. It's not like they'll drop this in any of their sets. They're just like everybody else trying to make a fuckin $ on the retard population that eat this shit up without...
Forum: inthemix newsroom 15-Nov-12, 12:01pm
Replies: 24
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Posted By khas
Seven days straight: Smokin Joe tackles the world record again

I'd rike to suggest some added features. Can we have stage dancers that don't get to rest for 7 days straight either prease? Specifically the old Subbies dancers would be good, bunch of filfy skanks...
Forum: inthemix newsroom 30-Oct-12, 03:55pm
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 29-Oct-12, 01:26pm
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Posted By khas
Forum: inthemix newsroom 26-Oct-12, 01:12pm
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Posted By khas
DJ Mag's Top 100 weighs in: Does beat-matching make a DJ?

Can we all take minute to stop talking about the subject article and talk about DJ Doddy Dodd, he seems like a really cool guy
Forum: inthemix newsroom 24-Oct-12, 01:16pm
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Posted By khas
Intimate show announced for Ellie Goulding

Gross, she's started cutting her like Skrillex
Forum: inthemix newsroom 22-Oct-12, 12:12pm
Replies: 59
Views: 4,267
Posted By khas
So much butthurt over the results when everybody...

So much butthurt over the results when everybody knows it's a popularity driven poll. Also taking into account that you can now FB vote which means teenyboppers that have never even been clubbing can...
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